How to have an adventure. Part 1

1. Decide to hit the city for a concert where 10 awesome
independent Aussie bands will be playing
without making accommodation arrangements.
Everything is going to work out fine.

2. Get off at the train station after four hours
and find a backpackers with a spare bed
only to be told they canít you book in
because you donít have full sized luggage.

3. Realise you are screwed because everywhere else
is booked out due to the big sporting match
you didnít know was on this weekend.

4. Freak out and swear profusely
deciding everyone is a mother fucker
and that the universe hates you
because not even calling around
to people you know can get you a bed.
Apparently no one answers their phones
when you really need them to.
Never mind that the battery on your phone
is just about dead.

5. Get back on a train and head to where you need to go
because really, what else are you going to do?
Going home is not an option.

6. Eat food, get depressed, buy cigarettes (after a year of not smoking)
and contemplate where the hell you can
charge your phone at 5pm in the afternoon
when everything except restaurants are closing.

7. Smoke too many cigarettes before you
stumble upon an all-night internet and gaming cafť
while searching for a bathroom.
Get treated like mental retard by
the staff because the computer you chose to use
doesnít want to work.
And yes, you actually do know how
to turn a computer on, among other things.

8. Chose to physically ignore the slight
and go on facebook to bitch
and poke fun at the nerds
playing computer games next to you
despite the fact that you think this
isn't a bad way to spend an evening.
Send some messages to people in the hope
youíll find a place to crash to night.

9. Take half an hour to realise
you can actually charge your phone here.  
Keep the revelation to yourself
because it took you half an hour to work it out.  

10. Buy a bottle of coke and head out to the concert.
Smoke another cigarette.
Get comfy at the concert while listening to indie Aussie rock.  
Realise music is your God while missing a phone call that could mean a bed tonight.
Discover that bathrooms arenít just
for peeing and graffiti
but are actually great places to take a phone call
because theyíre quiet-ish
Get all excited because youíve finally found
a place to crashÖ at 5am in the morning

11. Realise that smoking might suck but smokers are awesome.
Hit up a random guy for a 5 minute conversation
about how awesome Aussie music is
while on a smoke break.

12. Go back in to see the band you travelled
four hours to see. If there is a God
you swear he must be in their music.
Itís a fucking spiritual experience.
Itís almost better than sex.
© Indie Adams 2014
Written by Indie (Miss Indie)
Published | Edited 21st Oct 2014
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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