The Gift Of A Scorpio

She walked into this club,
She isn't looking for a cub she wants the king of the jungle.
The way she moves, I know you want her.
Women, think she's nothing, but trouble.
She's got appeal from head-to-toe,
Men were like "whoa" as soon as she walked through the door.
It was the click of her heels, to her thick, but shapely legs
to her full rounded hips, to her slender heart shaped lips, to her full head of hair.
Anywhere she goes she can turn anyone's heads,
All the men want to get her into bed,
She's the gift of a Scorpio.
You want to meet her, you want to touch her,
You try to get a little closer to her on the floor, grabbing and pulling onto her, but you know you gotta be fair because she won't give it up that easy.
But, when she does hold on tight for the ride 'cause I know you're gonna love her.
She likes to light them jeans up whenever she's dancing,
As men are staring and try to touch what they can't have, well that's too damn bad.
Women get mad whenever they see her walk on by, they lie
and say what they want about her.
It's her curves that are shaped like a coca-cola bottle,
It's how she's far from the rest,
It's how she can be the best,
She's the gift of a Scorpio.
She's on a whole other level of magnifying, sexuality,
It's her classic sensuality that pulls you right in.
You imagine what she could do with that tongue of hers as she licks her lips,
She's so bad you want to give her the whip,
You know you want to give her a little sip of your juices.
She can drop down and dip it low like she was a melting waffle cone that's dripping down onto the floor.
Give into her sexhibition,
Lose your inhibitions,
Know your position and tell her to do it and she will do it,
Submit to her every order make her your every priority.
Know she's got no time for games she's full grown,
But, won't take spending a lonely night alone at home.
She can do whatever she likes with you,
She can tie you up, tie you down, make you moan real loud if she wants to.
She'll give you what you need,
She'll treat you every way you want to be treated,
She'll let you see what's underneath these clothes.
She can be whatever you want her to be.
She can be your private gymnast, dancer, lover, physician, technician, and do all the things you'd like.
She's the gift of a Scorpio.
She's quiet, but freaky
Timid, but kinky
Believe me, she is whatever you want, whatever you need
You just need to feed her hunger,
Taste what's in her,
Love her like never before.
But, she's never satisfied so you'd better do it right or tonight won't be your night.
She's a November baby,
She was born in passion,
Lust courses through her veins,
She is a force to be reckoned with.
Her eyes are big and bold, fiery and feisty
Just one look would either bring a brother on his knees and beg " please, I want more" or scare the living day lights out of you.
Just one look at her is all you need to spout out your juices.
She can show you what love's all about with just one soft, gentle touch from her hand and then kiss the life out of you.
Swerve those hips onto you round and around and around can get you into ecstasy.
She can make love to you endlessly from dusk till dawn and leave you breathlessly excited like you were on a roller coaster ride after reaching your climax.
She's the gift of a Scorpio.
Written by MsRockyJackson
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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