Keira High Japanese Study Tour

There was a group from Keira High who went across the sea;
Who resided in Japan and were all filled up with glee.
They saw the sights and had delights that were just a bit too strange,
But they survived in the end and their cultural knowledge changed.

First they went to HIP to revise their Japanese,
Then they went to a Japanese school and everyone was pleased.
Many students gave out toys and threw them to the masses;
And then the little kids all ran out in flashes
To get the Aussie souvenirs was quite a lovely feeling;
Which left the little Japanese kids squealing.

Later that night the students saw a performance.
It was of Japanese taiko drums and everyone applauded with utmost importance.
After several songs the audience was encouraged to play themselves,
And so the taiko drum players taught them the basics and played along as well.

While they were in Hiroshima they saw vending machines galore;
But when they got to Tokyo, there was even MORE!
The students went to lots of shrines and also lots of temples
But unfortunately for some of them, they forgot to bring their pencils!

One day they went to see their home stays and they did various things;
But one group in particular were jumping out of their skins.
Some groups tried kimonos on and even got to keep them,
While others saw traditional Japanese dancing again and again.
A few groups went to a museum and tried on Samurai armour;
But most groups, from what I have heard said it flashed past in a blur.

One day the students went to Nara and Peter made lots of deer puns,
While one unlucky girl got bitten on the bum by one!
The deerís were very hungry and they fed them special food
But one particular deer was in a bad mood.
As one boy wandered around the group eating a small cream-pie,
He noticed an old deer which had a misty white eye.

Then they went to see The Golden Pavilion
And many people thought it was brilliant.
It was originally an old tea house, and now itís a world heritage site.
And when they went to see it, most were in awe at how it shone in the sunlight.

Next they went to Miajima and saw the giant tori in the middle of the sea.
Then when it became low tide they walked out to where the ocean should be
And placed some yen between the barnacles on the tori
Before leaving and then ordering Okonomiyaki.

Then they visited Hikone Castle and walked along its corridors;
Going up and down stairways, and in and out of doors.
As they walked around the massive building they heard the floorboards creak.
But just because they creaked didnít mean they were weak.

Near the end of the trip the students went to Harajuku to see the Cosplay
But there was so many people there that they could hardly see the way.
While they were there they did a lot of shopping and others just browsed
But what was truly shocking was a man with massive eyebrows.

And so that concludes their trip to Japan,
Everything you just read was absolutely deadpan.
Even though it may sound sarcastic;
This is all true and itís fantastic.
I hope you have enjoyed this poem
Because I donít like to be the one to drone.
Written by Narocia (Tesana)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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