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Just before dawn

Itís just before dawn.
Something causes,
My eyes to gently flutter open,
For a second;
Then closed again.

As they close,
I feel your hand,
Gently on my chest,
Your tender petting,
Turns to caressing,
Your hand wanders,
All over my chest.

Your swirl widens outward,
Until finding my nipples.
Your fingers fondle my aureola,
Not touching my nipples.

I hear you inhale deeply,
Then blow lightly across,
My nipples,
Which immediately harden,
Pointing straight up.

Your hand starts to meander down,
From my chest,
Exploring everything,
Stopping to tease every mole,
Until you reach my stomach.

Your hand arrives at my belly button,
I feel a drizzle of spittle,
Splash there,
Your index finger inside,
Slides inside,
Gently swirling,
And around.

Your finger's motion causes,
An uncomfortable,
Involuntary tingle,
Raises an uncomfortable twinge,
In the tip of my cock,
Which grows from flaccid,
To semi-hard.†

Your hand slips south,
Over my hip bone,
Skipping from one leg,
To the other,
Delicately stroking,
The inside of my thigh.

Your hand fondles,
Its ways between my legs.

Your touch slides back and forth,
Along the underside of my ball sac,
Your thumb brushes my cock.

You lift your head,
Brush your nose against,
My still hard nipple,
Both of them softly.

Before laying your head down,
Your ear over my heart.

Your hand continues,'
Skillfully stroking my leg.
While deftly grazing by sac,
Causing my cock,
To enlarge,
To grow,
To stiffen.

Your breath blows down my belly,
Toward my cock,
Where as soon as it hits,
My cock twitches.†

While you tease my cock,
With your breath,
Your hand loops up,
My leg,
Over the bottom of my belly,
Through my pubic hair,
Down my other leg,
Trailing arousal,
In its path.

My cock engorges,
Pre-cum seeps from its tip,
My sac tightens,
My balls ache.†

Now my breathing,
Becomes deeper,
Grows heavier.

You grab my cock,
Squeeze it,
Toy with it,

Using my pre-cum,
As lubricant,
You stroke,
Its length enough,
To cause me to,
Thrust my hips up,
Lifting my ass up,
From our bed.

Your wet hand rubs,
Against my sac,
Playing there,
Cupping my balls,
Squeezing them,
Until my scrotum,
Has pulled them up,
Against my body.

As youíve laid against †me,
Playing with me,
Youíve also been rubbing,
Your cunt,
Against my knee,
Humping against my leg.

Your playing with my body,
Has kept my mind,
Away from what you were doing,
Until now.

Noticing what youíve been doing,
Makes my cock shudder,
This time my cock surges hard,
Pre-cum flows.

Your fingers around my cock,
Slickly moistened by my pre-cum,
Stroke agonizingly slowly.

My balls tighten against my body,
My breath is shallow,
My toes curl and uncurl,
You spread my pre-cum,
The length of my cock,
With a slow firm,
Excruciately slow,
Series of strokes.

My orgasm is starting to rise,†
A beautiful agony,
Aching between my legs,
Fingers and toes curl painfully tight,
Balls swollen ready against my body,
Breathing in short panting gasps,
Waves of twitching,
Rush up and down my body.†

Your soaking wet cunt,
Slips down over my cock,
Just as my release begins to,
Wash over me,
Everything clenches,
My breathing stops,
The seismic wave hits,
My muscles cramp,
Then release,
Cum releases inside you,
Spurt after squirt.
My cum empties,
Deeply into you.

With the first gush,
Your contractions begin,
Timed to my discharges,
Milking the last drop,
Out of me,
Into you.

With the last drop,
You bend forward,
Kiss me on the nose,
Raise your hips,
So that my cock,
Fall out of your cunt,
And tell me,
To go back to sleep.
Written by J_J_Jay_Jr
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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