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A pleasure to meet you

Online chat.
Frank and dirty.

Sent each other,
Suggestive and graphic.

What we said,
We wanted to do with,
Each other,
If we ever met.

What we knew of each other,
Was more intimate
Than mere names,
(Which we did not know),
Could ever be.

As our chatting continued,
Our stories became,
Down right filthy,
And the images we exchanged,
Became revealingly,

Our wishes,
That the stories,
And the images,
Would soon become,

As we chatted,
We developed,
The way,
We fantasized,
It would be.

I would answer,
Her knock on the door,
To her surprise,
My erection raging.

I would grab her arm,
Pull her inside,
Press her to the wall,
One hand behind her head,
To pull her mouth,
Tightly against mine.

My other hand,
Would slide,
From just above her knee,
Up her leg,
To find that she had,
Worn no panties.

She would be wet,
Running down her legs.

I would place my hand on,
Her pussy,
My middle finger,
Curling its way,
To parting her lips,
Not yet fully entering her.

Her hand would move up between us,
Unbutton her blouse,
Slide it off,
Unfasten her bra,
Allowing it to fall to the floor.

A quick loosening of the side buckle,
On her wrap skirt,
And all that she would have left,
Would be her shoes,
Which she would quickly kick off.

Our mouths still together,
I can now feel the points,
Of her rapidly arousing,
Against my bare chest.

My finger curls,

In response,
She bites my tongue,
My lips,
Grinding her mouth,
Against mine.

Her hand finds my erection,
Surrounds it,
In rhythm to my finger’s,
Caressing motions.

Her breathing becomes,

So does mine.

Our bodies,
Glisten with,
The sweat of building arousal,
Of growing passion.

My hand from behind her head,
Caresses its way,
Down her back,
Its center finger,
Tracing its way,
Between her butt cheeks,
Past her asshole,
To the lower edge of,
Her pussy,
Where it slides its way in,
Next to my other finger.

Her leg lifts,
Wraps itself around,
My hips,
To allow better access for,
My fingers.

Her hand stroking,
My cock,
Bumps its head,
Against my hand,
As if to move it,
From blocking,
Where we both want it to go.

I would slide my,
Thoroughly wet finger out of her,
Trace its wetness around,
Back of her hips,
Down the valley between,
Her cheeks,
Use her asshole as a landing point,
Grip her ass,
Lift her free of the floor.

With a firm push of my finger,
At the entrance of her ass,
She would buck forward,
Driving the head of my cock,
Firmly between her lips,
Stopped there by,
Her hand wrapped around its shaft,
And my finger still inside her,
From behind.

Drawing that finger from within her,
I place it next to the other one,
Just at the opening of her ass,
And caressing them both,
Slightly in/out,
That opening.

The raggedness of her breath,
The sweat moistening her body,
The wetness of her cunt,
All serve to indicate,
Her readiness.

In a last step toward that,
Perfect readiness,
She would use her hand to,
Guide my cock in,
Caressing between her lips,
Massaging her clit,
One last time,
Before removing her hand.

As her hand moves from around,
My cock,
Travels up my chest,
Grips around my neck,
I would press my fingers,
Not just against,
But into her ass,
Causing her to buck,
Her pelvis against mine,
Drive my cock,
Deeply into her cunt.

As she feels the length of my cock,
Rub past her clit,
Push between her cunt lips,
Stretch the walls of her cunt,
A groaning growl of ecstasy,
Escapes from within her.

As I feel her cunt lips,
Envelop the head of my dick,
Caress the length of my cock.
A guttural grunt of passion,
Erupts from with me.

My hands grip her ass,
My fingers probe her ass,
Her hands wrap around my neck,
Our tongues tango inside our joined mouths,
Our sweaty bodies massage against each other,
My chest mashed against her breasts,
Her body held positioned,
Pinned against the wall,
As I repeatedly,
Into her;
Bruising my pelvis against hers,
Tangling my soaking wet pubic hair with hers,
My shaft rubbing its length against her clit,
Going deeply in and coming back out,
Both of her legs wrapped around my hips,
Holding me in,
Splaying her hips wider,
Raunchily inviting my,
In and out of her.

Our mouths still locked together,
Breathing my air into her,
And hers into me,
Tasting blood,
From bitten lips,
Ground against each other.

Until, finally,
Her stiffening body,
Meets my tensing body,
Her orgasmic contracting cunt,
Surrounds my cock,
Deep inside her.

Her body sags between,
My body and the wall.

We slide down the wall,
To the floor,
In a heap,
In a puddle of cum,
Our sweat soaked bodies,

Her shy, even coy eyes find,
My awed, even stunned eyes;
Between her bloodied,
Bruised lips,
She murmurs,
“My name is Ruth.”
I sigh,
“It is a pleasure to meet you.”
Written by J_J_Jay_Jr
Published | Edited 11th Nov 2014
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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