Forever Love

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Forever Love

Do you remember,
when we met long ago,
do you remember,
that we're two kindred souls?

I know you are prone to forget,
especially after a few lifetimes passed,
so I wrote you the following sonnet,
to hopefully jog your memory back…

Do you remember?

When we met,
on the steps,
of Palazzo di Venezia,
from the start,
my heart,
felt emotional amnesia,

had we met before?

Maybe same place,
just a different millenium,
maybe same face,
just speaking Sumerian,

I was with two girls already,
both of them Spanish,
but I knew I had to pursue you,
before you again vanished,
I didn't want to wait,
another two millennia,
to see your beautiful face,
because we are both planetaria,
stars in our eyes,
our bodies map the cosmos,
so to the two Spaniards I said "Bye,
I've gotta go, adios!"

You had already walked off,
quickly disappearing in the night,
so the Palazzo steps I jumped off,
my tattoo wings taking flight,

you were almost out of sight,
luckily I had a bike…

So I flew,
and caught up to you,
just as you had reached a bus stop,
I called to you,
to all of you,
stopped my bike and jumped off,

"Where are you going?"
I asked,
rather abrupt for,
not even knowing,
your name, you laughed,
"I'm going to supper."
your reply,
to me,
not even a surprise,
you see not surprisingly,
I wasn't surprised,
that you weren't surprised,
after all we'd know each other for lifetimes!

"Please don't go yet.",
I pleaded,
"I have a poem I'm poet,
please let me read it,"
"Okay, sure.",
You agreed,
so I began,
to proceed,
to open my backpack,
get out my laptop,
and give you a part of me,

"No, not here,"
was your interjection,
"this is not the right atmosphere."
you've always had a keen sense of perception,
emphasizing your words with a wave,
I followed your hand and your gaze,
and saw you were correct,
we were standing at a bus stop,
"Your poetry deserves more respect."
yes my breath stopped.

Your statement,
hit my heart,
like a water balloon hitting pavement,
my heart just burst apart,
right there on the boulevard,
"Then let us depart,
I know the perfect place,
jump on my handlebars!"
"But I have a dinner date,
I'm already late and I'm starved."

Your protest,
was pointless,
true love is timeless,
and we'd been reunited,

"I'll read you some poems,
then take you out to Eataly,
come on let's get goin',
we're in Rome, it's Italy!"

I laid out the plan,
then gave you my hand,

"what's Eataly?", you asked,
I replied, "It's a restaurant."
You inquired,"And when will you have me back?"
I admitted,"I honestly don't know, come on get on."
You exclaimed, "But tomorrow,
I'm traveling to Tuscany!"
I insisted, "That's tomorrow,
tonight just have some trust in me."

And with that,
it was a wrap,
you hopped on my bike,
and we set off into the night,

even though on the bike,
there was now two,
pedaling with you on the bike,
seemed easier to do,

"Where are we going?"
You asked excitedly,
"I know the perfect place to read you poems,
you just wait and see!"
I said smiling,
still pedaling,
both of us admiring,
this lady and this gentleman…

We got lost,
somewhere in Foro Romano,
then found ourselves on,
the raceway of Circo Massimo,
on that bike we rode,
across that ancient race track,
under the stars that showed,
our past pass from way back,

we were together again,
fate runs it's course,
we were riding on a bike now,
instead of riding on a horse,
same place,
just different point in time,
same face,
just different part of the paradigm,
we were still two lovers,
with similar desires,
you were the maiden,
I was the squire,
courting you,
with poetry,
supporting you,

we reached the east end,
of Circus Maximus,
we took a left then,
it took us just minutes,
to arrive,
at the Colosseum,
which was,
many mens unintentional mausoleum,
but tonight,
the Colosseum was not about death,
the Colosseum was about the life of love that's professed,

and I professed to you all,
upon a fallen piece of marble,
marble that was once part of the wall,
that held entertainment for the nobles,
my professing done in the form of poetry,
like had been done for so long,
in that exact same spot openly,
both of us felt like there's where we belonged,

we longed,
for so long,
to once again,
hold each other in our arms,
when we held tight,
it felt so right,
but time is time,
and we only had that night…

So I somewhat rushed,
after the poetry in the plaza,
I hurriedly pushed,
so we could get to Eataly and eat some pasta,
we wined and dined,
over pasta and pizza,
I finally asked your name,
"Marline, darling, so nice to meet you!"
I wanted to tell her,
we'd met lifetimes ago,
but I didn't want to ruin,
the present with the past, so,

instead we talked about sex,
and how she hadn't had any in awhile,
"Well that's a problem we'll have to fix!"
I said sipping my white wine with a smile.

After dinner,
we rode back to my place,
dinner was delicious for sure,
but it was her that I truly desired to taste,

in my Japanese themed room,
Calatrava's bridge cast blue hues,
upon both of us in the nude,
the sheen from the oils we used,
for massaging each other,
reflected in the light,
that shown from the outer,
bridge as the sight,
of each other,
each other,
and tasting,
each other,
each other,
made us both melt into each others arms,
so many centuries of waiting for our warm,
now we taste,
each other in the flesh,
what more can I say except YES!...

After a romance like that,
I don't know how either of us could go back to regular sex.

Chasing girls in the club just seems cheap now,
no way I can just go for drinks and a movie with a freak now.

How can I possibly ever again go on just a regular date,
after an experience with a timeless lover that was so great.

I mean sex is easy, sex is a cheap,
but true love is priceless, true love is the real thing.

And I don't really want to wait another thousand years,
but I will if I have to for a love so dear…

And if I do have to wait another millenia,
until we meet again on the steps of Palazzo di Venezia,
I do hope this time we don't have amnesia,
and hopefully this poem will help you remember the,
times we had before,
and I'll be with the true you,
and you'll see the true me,
so that's why I wrote this to you,
from your long lost love, forever love. -Yours Truly…

Poetry Vol. 1, available 10/10/14, for FREE on Amazon

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