Reoccuring nightmare

I stand in a dark room, a florescent light bulb hanging only inches above my head. My eyes dart around, trying to discover where I am. The only thing I am able to make out is another light on the far side of the room.
"You'll never see him again" Someone whispers into the darkness, the words bouncing off the walls.
"Wha-- Who?!" I call into the darkness around me, trying to find the source of the voice. Suddenly, he shows up, shaggy brown hair plastered to his forehead. "J-- Jerred?!" I try to run to him but my feet will not move from where they are. I watch as shadow-like arms reach around his chest, his brown eyes widening in fear when they begin to pull him further from me.
"You'll never see him again" the voice whispers again as Jerred is pulled into the sea of darkness surrounding me.
I wake up screaming, tears streaming down my cheeks as I recall the nightmare. "No.. Not again.. This can't be happening.." I mutter to open air. Slowly I grab my phone, the beaten down plastic fitting snugly in my palm.
"Jaimee.. What's wrong?" The voice on the line mutters almost incoherently. "Its two in the morning.."
"N-- Nothing, I am fine" I say before letting out a sigh of relief. "Just wanted to check in on you, you know how I can be sometimes." I lean back into my pillows slightly, not wanting to relax too much.
"Well I'm fine, now go back to sleep"
"Fine, Love you, Goodnight." I place my phone next to my nightstand and take in a deep breath of air, I sit for awhile before I fall asleep once again, then everything gets worse.
My eyes open instantly. Once again there is a single light bulb above my head, but this time I am on my back. The only thing I am able to see is a greyish-black darkness.
"What's going on here?!" I shout to nothing. In the corner of my eye I see something shine. I jerk my head to the left, the object that sparkled is a tiny, golden scalpel. My eyes widen in fear as the darkness takes form, thousands of shadowy  figures surround me, their red eyes staring at me intently.
"We told you, you will NEVER see him again" The words attack me, pulling at my heart. I thrash my body around trying to get free as I know what comes next. I watch as a hand reaches for the scalpel. The hand is pale while, thin and the more I focus on it the more it looks like bones. The scalpel cuts my chest, and a scream escapes my lips. I feel my body explode in agony. Suddenly, the pain stops and I don't understand what is happening.
The humming of a bone saw meets my ears. "NO! PLEASE! DON'T!" I scream towards the shadow that brings the saw closer to me. It's chain moving around me in a frenzy of hunger. The shadows around me laugh hysterically their red hues turning into a blinding white. The chain meets my ribs, blood splattering along the shiny metal. "STOP! PLEASE!"
The saw stops, the hum dying out, before my ribs are yanked from my chest. The shadow with the scalpel moves in close, flashing the tool in my face before dragging the tip of it down my cheek to my chest slowly.
"Nonononono! Don't do this I didn't do Anything!!" There is no response, instead the scalpel kisses my heart, once, twice, over and over again, never stopping. My body is on fire, each kiss intensifying the burn I feel. "Help me! Please!" I call out past the shadows, my voice becoming hoarse. I count the seconds until a light shines in the background. Five seconds, its always five seconds. Heavy footsteps make their way towards me, the low grunt of a man catching my attention.
"Jaimee! I'm here! Hold on!" He screams loudly.
No, please don't Jerred, Don't come over here! Despite my silent plea for him to stay away from me he is looming over me in an instant. His brown eyes turning red as though he is becoming a shadow himself.
"I'm here to save you, let me help you dearest." He places his hand, face up, next to me, wanting me to grab it though it is impossible. I look up at the light bulb, trying to ignore the flesh falling off of his face and hands. He then lets out a low growl which makes me face him once again.
"Jerr! Please get out of here!" I beg through loud sobs. He shakes his head, refusing to leave though it is the only thing that will truly save me. His half-decayed hand finds its way to my heart, engulfing the organ before. He clutches it, crumpling it like a piece of paper. A lone tear forming in the corner of his eye, "I'm so sorry" He whispers almost inaudibly, as though he has no control over what he is doing.
"Don't be.." He pulls his arm back as I am speaking, "This always happens." My vision begins to diminish as I watch him in horror. His arm draws back and he throws my heart to the floor next to his feet. His right foot lifting and slamming back down, squishing my heart like a bug. With that everything disappears and I am left alone in the dark, screaming until I wake again.

(A/N: If you would like more information on this nightmare please PM me as I am more than willing to talk about it.)  
Written by GothicQueen666 (Viviaan)
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