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Luscious and Fair

She slowly turned her beautiful face towards her partner, sleeping beside her. And snoring so loudly…like after every time he had his way with her, his idea of sex being nothing more than a five-minute usage of her as his cumbucket.

He was so good looking, his angelic visage a total contradiction with his malevolent soul. He had lured her in with lies, beautiful words that hid a Hell. She gazed at the scars on her wrists, evidence of her many attempts to end the nightmare. And smiled, as they didn’t matter to her anymore…neither did the slaps or the insults she had to put up with every day…because HE found her scars beautiful…and soon her torment would be over.

She felt her eyelids getting heavier by the second. He grew stronger every time they mated. At first she believed it was all but dreams, but now she had evidence in the physical world…now she didn’t have to take pills to fall asleep and go to HIM….now she could listen to HIM calling her in her Soul, now HE could make her sleep.

She felt light, and cold…as she crossed the boundary between worlds. She started falling down a gigantic Pit, seemingly bottomless. But soon, the cold gave way to a heat which was becoming more intense as she continued her descend….she knew now very well what was at the bottom…she turned around to gaze at the reddish light at the end of the dark tunnel…now she could feel the scorching heat and hear the screams…of the eternally damned.
This was the moment she hated….would HE be there for her, to catch her before she plunged into the flames ? She could now see forms within the conflagration…twisted, disturbing to the eye…running wild, feasting on those which the fire consumed…
Her every thought was disrupted as she felt the thud of her body colliding with HIS arms.

A second of disorientation and then she gazed upon HIS majestic wings unfolding, easily sustaining of them into the hot air.  She smiled, and did HE. Her hands grabbed his flesh, dark red as blood and hard as steel. HIS fiery eyes shined brightly, sheer desire and lust in them, his fangs eager for her flesh, his claws so gently biting into her….HE knew her Soul, knew what she craved, without her saying a single word. And was so happy to give it to her, holding nothing back.

They kissed, for an eternity it seemed…and then he effortlessly flipped her in the air, bringing her in 69 position. She felt her mind go numb as she gazed upon his monstrous manhood, now starting to swell…she knew it would hurt when HE would claim her…and just couldn’t wait for it. She displayed her inner Vixen biting hard into the head and immensely enjoyed the loud moan HE let out. She greedily took HIM all into her mouth, sucking hard. She felt his powerful hand reaching for the back of her head, then pushing forward…hard. She felt the throbbing flesh enter  her all the way down her throat…then she grabbed HIS steel buttocks, sank her fingernails into HIS flesh and pulled HIM towards her…she wanted more…and would have it.

She felt his burning lips touch her wet pussy, her velvet folds swelling, opening up, craving for HIM….and HE sucked her flooding juices so hard…then the moment she loved so much…HIS tongue elongated to reach the length of a well hung man’s penis…and slithered deep inside her. In and out like a serpent, the body of HIS tongue rubbing against her clit, while the tip of the tongue aroused her G-spot. She came so hard while HE sucked even harder, feasting on her love fluids. She felt the nectar taste of HIS pre-cum…and knew it was time.

She turned her to face HIM, their eyes locked, their souls melting into each other, the flames churning in their Souls matching the blazing Inferno underneath them…the Hellfire now arose, reaching out almost to her feet…and his hooves.

She looked down and almost fainted when she saw HIS fully erect  manhood. Monstrous and pulsating, she saw the head parting her folds and felt pain flooding her as HE slid inside her, inch by painful inch…the hurt lessened as she felt HIS every swollen vein hit her throbbing clitoris….HE filled her totally, her barely able to withstand the dilation deep inside her….and still wanting even more.

With HIS full length inside her, HE grabbed her buttocks and pulled her fully towards HIM, pushing forward at the same time. Their moans echoed in the great Pit, the Inferno underneath now erupting like a volcano. He slid out  of her and entered her again, now there was much less pain and so much more pleasure…again and again HE claimed her, each time faster,  harder, deeper…HE inserted the middle finger of each of HIS hands into her ass, and all of HIS tongue deep in her mouth…yes, she was totally HIS…as HE was totally hers.

Everything faded in a flash of blinding light as they both climaxed, she feeling the totality of her being flooded with his fiery cum…Nirvana some may call it…but there are no human words to describe the perfection of the moment souls touch Infinity.
She slowly opened her eyes to see her abusive partner,  still snoring beside her. Her whole body ached, another proof…it was all real, and in fact becoming more intense with every time the Demon claimed her. She now knew…in some unfathomable Cosmic way, they were each other’s ticket out of their Hells. She reached to her still tender pussy and inserted two fingers inside. Then raised her hand above her, to watch her divine lover’s cum dripping on her breasts. She brought her fingers into her mouth and tasted the sweet nectar, the essence of her Daemon lover. Soon now…the nightmare would end.

She walked to the bathroom and marveled at the bruises on her body, lovely reminders of the mind-blowing intercourse. She gasped as she saw the Daemon’s face in the  mirror.  Faint like a wraith, but now HE could partially manifest in the material world. He looked more human now, too.

A tear run down her cheek as she spoke. “Outcasts from Heaven, refugees from Hell…what is left for us I wonder ?”…..
“Only a whole Universe, and an Eternity to explore it, my Love” The Daemon rep
Written by AlienScum
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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