Gone (Collaboration: Rina 'Vee' & Anthony Hendrix)

What was I going to find  
stumbling in the dark  
while you were near  
standing in the shadows  
holding the truth.  

Your warm breath  
caressed my bare shoulders  
shimmering like  
dying stars.  

Just as I turned  
to embrace the desuetude  
you were gone  
like the morning  

to be found.  


I held on  
to everything you left behind  
slowly pushing  
to the dark  
corners of my mind  
replacing you with  
the mundane.  

While I repeated  
your words  
..'Cause I'm not sentimental like that!'  

I searched  
for the texture  
of carelessly tossed  
against swollen clouds  
bursting with pelting rain  
the long days of tangled togetherness  

Gone, with the sails.  

While the silence  
laid in the palm of my hands, still  
murderous, horrible and beautiful  
waiting for the storm  
surging from my veins  
longing for a minuscular  

I was gone before you  
could let me know  
you were in love.  

You were,  
I saw it in your eyes,  
I felt it in your touch.  

You wanted to believe the  
lies behind my childish smile,  

lies I wish I hadn't told.  

You thought you found  
something real with me,  
I was too caught up in  
twenties fantasies.  

Sometimes, I think about us  
sharing cigs on cold nights  
or climbing out onto the roof  
and talking till sunrise.  

I miss that, often.  

The memory of leaving  
is difficult to forget.  

You just laid in silence  
asleep under the covers,  
happy you werenít alone.  

I left without a goodbye.  
I left without a trace.  

Why I canít come back is †  
the same reason Iím gone.  

There are no hidden truths to me,  
Iím just a bird with no wings.

I had the audacity to desire  
your strength curved, against  
the contours of my gentle waves.  

Beckoning you  
to the sun kissed  

Grazing on  
ruby red lips.  

blood stained  
with lustful hunger  
intoxicated and swooned.  

Washed with bottle of Jacks,  
recalling traces of your touch  
searching in photographs  

Was I ever in love with you.  

Like the idea of you.  

I felt something with  
you I forgot existed.  

You had pain in your glance and †  
a certain realness in your words.  

Iíve always wanted to feel a  
connection like I did with †  
you but I never knew how  
terrifying it would be to me. †  

You could hurt me.  
You could leave me.  
You were everything.  

Sometimes, I wonder what  
you would say about me †  
If you were to tell the story.  

Iíd hope you knew it wasnít you.  

Iíd been alone for so long †  
I forgot how to be in love--  

I forgot that you were never  
supposed to let it just, be gone. †
Written by Gonzo69 (AnthonyHendrix)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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