Hey, Evan. You worthless fuck.
How DARE you for not being a thieving piece of shit sloshed across the pavement, how dare you for pulling your ass off welfare and getting work, I won't have any of that; here's a fuckwit that causes you to smash up your car,   how DARE you for trying to get ahead, here's MORE debt for you to pay off you sneaky fucker, how DARE you for pulling your worthless parasitic leech ass in gear and trying to do what you feel is right, I GRACED your insignificant black heart with life, you're here now and you didn't ask for it, How DARE you trying to help your mates who were a step away from getting bashed in the street, here's a nice, revenue-of-a-raiser ticket for you to pay off, here's more complications, and a questionable psychological history raping you of your army opportunities, here's a fucked childhood with a drug-riddled whore for a Mother who flogged you more than her own veins before a hit,  
I killed her: She is dead.
She is dead: I killed her.
I am in love..  
Passionate love..  
Pure love..
NOW WATCH HER FUCKING SCREAM!!!!!!!! Feel her hand tighten? Endless agony and for what? Some fuckwit doctor who shits out the news of your only Son, still-born.. Fucking hold him.,,, I DARE YOU!!! There he is, as I planned for you, the first time you EVER held him, you held him dead... And after she cuts you down, falls helplessly to heroin addiction, you think that I'm just going to LET you become whole? Fuck no, never. I have a needle with your name on it.

Your humanity is MINE.
Written by AscensionES (Aptilneilrionaltion)
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