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You No!

You No! :

I will record this one
when my tongue heals♥

You know who you are
you been under my skin for a while
When I think of you I feel like
having you sit
in a dim lit room
And mmm
I just want
to excite you
Drinking your tequila
with a glass of white wine next to you
I would want to just be me
simple and free
your calm has
Made me able to breathe
I would want to dance
for you baby
A show that’s unique
I want you to watch me
I don’t know how much
self-control you have
let’s pretend
Your strong
you can watch me
and not move
Just drink baby, just drink
I am wearing
My white lace and sheer baby doll negligée
and matching thongs made of lace
My cleavage shows
So does the bottom of my round ass
And my thick firm legs
Under the sheer you see the color of my nipples
and the slight color of my skin
I am wearing a bow for you
in my short platinum blond hair
The music I chose is a smooth jazz instrumental by Maximo Spodek
Standing directly in front of you I dance
and I dance
Rolling my hips rubbing my tits
squeezing them and leaning in to rub your face between them
Sitting in your lap
I whisper in your ear
this is a lap dance rolling and moving rubbing all over you
I kiss your neck
I lick the taste of tequila from your lips
you touch me and in the softest way
slidding your fingers across my leg
up my round ass up my back
you pull me in for a better taste and it’s a deep log passionate kiss
I never stop moving to the music
I drown in your lips
We are two bodies yours and mine I like this
But the show is not done I back away and turn around
I sit on your thickening cock
I lean back you have full access to my breast
I put your hands on me and mmm
I never stop moving
you squeeze so tight
I love your hands on me
my nipples get hard
I reach up behind me and wrap me arms around your neck
and I love how your marking me
my body reacts so viscously
you know what you’re doing to me
you like to see me respond to you this way
you tell me to open my legs
sitting on your lap my legs on the outside of yours
together we formed a unity
your squeezing my left breast
my right one feels neglected
your fingers slide over my bare lace covered pussy
you find me in need
and your middle finger rest on my clit
you flick and circle and press it
oh god yes lower, a bit lower
you did it you slip in a finger
I raise my hips reacting like it’s a huge dick
my body loves it
your finger moves round and round
slightly in but you pull all the way out making me whine for it
your pinching my nipple so hard I cum in pleasure
I shake in pain and baby I love the way you touch me
And I turn to you, and your eyes tell me what you need me to do, and I unbutton your pants
I start to release your I cock
your circling your cum wet finger around in your drink
that is the sexiest thing
I suck you hard
you like to feel me
little licks piss you off
you like to fuck my mouth like a jack hammer
breaking brick you want it hard and you want it mean
you love my sucking,” harder bitch” you say to my between clenched teeth
and gently you touch my face
looking at me then you slap and grasp my head and force me to gag
I think I am in love for the moment
and down my throat mmm hot, thick, globs of salty sweet you.
On my knees you hand me my wine
You tell me harder next time

Written by seascape
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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