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How is it that we can mourn the death of an actor but not the deaths of hundreds of men, women, and children getting murdered by a country that will not tolerate diversity or different ideology? How is it that we can sit back and watch the news pouring in while others battle for their freedom against an unjust fascist government that will do anything to eradicate freedom? How is it that we can all have an opinion as long as its the same but if someone else comes by to offer a different viewpoint we slaughter and destroy that which we believe to be wrong? Now I am not a saint and will never be but I refuse to sit back and watch while everyone I know or see preaches about acceptance and tolerance but wont put in the effort to discover an answer to help us coexist with one another. It sickens me that we can some how ignore the crimes of the past while debating about worthless measures that are only used to distract and silence the nagging thoughts that most of us have. The technology we have created can spur an age of peace, liberty, and freedom but we only seems to use it to destroy and misinform. The art that is painted and toiled over for can be used to show the beauty and elegance of nature and the world instead we seem to put down those who artistically gifted and tell them to get a life. The ideas of love, happiness, and the connection we all seem to share can allow us to all grow closer but instead we seem to be easily led to fill up our hearts and minds with hate, greed, and intolerance. I call now for an age of reason and logic that will allow the destruction of the folly of a few that want to become more "powerful" based on abstract and vague concepts that they helped create. I call for an age of love and coexistence between not only us but with every species on this planet that we seem to forget. I call for an age of truth and creativity that will spurn the mind and hearts of humanity to heights never before attained by our species. I see a world that can grow from the hate and misery that each one of us let grow into fruition in the first place and leave this dark chapter behind and turn the page to a brighter future. I believe that we can all become a greater species than our ancestors if only we choose to put in the effort that matches our words, feelings, and thoughts. I believe in a better future for not just our species but every single living organism that wants a place to call home and the warm feeling of love.
Written by schizodude (mere shadow)
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