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The Dark Prince - The White Prince pt 3

“The Sorceress doesn’t have the Gem” the Queen replied. “She is still powerful, yes. But can be defeated. The King told me he hid it somewhere no one could find it”

“Oh yes, in the great labyrinth beneath the castle” said the Dark Prince. The Sorceress could always feel it, even when taken from her.  She survived the assassination attempt and managed to become your maid, infiltrating the  castle. She spent many nights searching all hidden corridors, feeling the Gem more and more but could never discover the way to it. And that was another reason she spared me. You see, she knew the King would betray her like your father did, so she made sure she had a back-up plan.

The Queen walked towards the Dark Prince, looking him directly in the eyes. “what do you mean my father betrayed the Sorceress ? He was…is.. one of the most ethical persons in the whole world, he devoted his entire life fighting for justice and peace ! He would never betray anyone…or have anything to do with the Dark Sorceress. You also spoke of another reason she spared you, apart from your hatred for the King. You never explained why you hate the King…although I can think of the most terrible of reasons….and why is it too late to stop the Dark Sorceress ?  In any way, no more secrets Dark Prince, I want to know it all, no matter how painful. Give me the truth, all of it”

“I’ll give you the truth, you’ll give me head, deal little Queen ?” said the Dark Prince…this time he didn’t evade the strongest of slaps, much to the White Prince’s amusement…

“The Queen of the Eastern realm was a good woman” said the Dark prince. “Devoted to the well-being of her kingdom and it’s people. So passionate for justice, freedom, art, education but alas…not equally passionate in the love department. Your father was a King but also a man…a man with needs. He was the only one who ever won the black heart of the Sorceress, back then just a wondering charlatan, selling potions and charms to make a living. She had this alluring charm few men could resist….of a fiery human and serpent nature. Their eyes met in the public market one day, and soon the Sorceress was granted access into the palace as a medicine woman…and secret concubine of the King. And all was fine…until she got pregnant . She sensed it right away due to her heightened serpentine senses. You can imagine what would happen if word of this came out. She asked the King to adopt the unborn child…but instead he threatened to have her murdered if she revealed this to anyone. He had her leave the realm immediately, escorted thousands of miles away to the black forest by the royal guard, where they abandoned her in the wilderness. But the darkness took care of it’s own.  Soon after she cast a spell on the Kings wife, no doctor or healer could help her. The King in his despair had to call the Sorceress back,  giving her whole caskets of gold to appease her wrath  and have her heal his wife. But the Dark Witch cared only for power and vengeance. She demanded to be alone with the dying Queen for three days and nights….enough time to use the most powerful of her magic to transfer the week old fetus from her to the Queen’s womb. The Sorceress is not common serpent kin you know…she is a Serpent Queen, having access to the most ancient of magic, her soul linked to the Gem the gods left behind. This way she ensured her offspring to be raised like royalty”

The young Queen’s eyes were full of tears. “This cannot be” she uttered….i don’t have the mark of the Serpent, and neither of my parents did…, no I don’t believe this… you only try to deceive me, break my spirit” she said.

“she cast a concealment spell silly” the Dark prince replied. “Making the golden mark of the Serpent royalty invisible so no one would know. I can remember us before the King had the Witch assassinate me to make sure you wouldn’t see me ever again, eliminating every chance of you remembering me. You talking about this weird sensation you often had on your forehead, ever since you could remember yourself, am I wrong?” replied the Dark Prince”

“All of it Dark Prince…I want to know it all” the Queen required…even the Dark One admired her courage…and loved her even more.

“The King embedded the Gem in the central chamber of the great labyrinth deep under his castle. He then built the entrance with great stones, identical to those of the walls. This way, even if anyone could approach the place, they would never find the entrance. The Witch could not pinpoint the exact position of the Gem, so she needed it to be activated, made to resonate with psychic energy, the more the better. This is where I came in.”

“My dreams…our intense coupling….the vibrations of both our Souls…” The Queen looked around her at the crystal structure and knew….

“Yes…all happened inside the Gem. I can access it via the magic link the Sorceress established to bind my Spirit to it, preventing me from going to the Great Beyond.  I led your Soul here and did as the Witch instructed…and thoroughly enjoyed it too” a big smile formed on the face of the Dark prince, now making a step back in a prudent move to avoid a possible incoming slap, the Queen’s hand was really fast …

“The Sorceress called the ancient Serpent people, the firstborn. Those hunted down by humans eons ago, finding refuge in the dark of the deepest places of the Earth. Generations passed without their seed mingling further with the human one, monstrosities beyond the darkest imagination. They will soon reach the surface through the Chasm she opened, an unstoppable horde which will flood and devour the world of humans. And another monster comes from the deep, to help the Sorceress claim the Gem. One of the greater and most powerful ancient serpentines digs the ground towards the palace as we speak, like a giant worm. It will breach the chamber of the Gem from below then break through the chamber’s gate and the concealing stones. It is only a matter of time now, the Witch is down there, waiting her moment of triumph. Nothing on this earth can stop her now”.

“Your words brought so much grief to my heart Dark Prince” said the Queen, tears running down her face. “But maybe presented the only hope remaining for this world.  Indeed, nothing can stop the Sorceress now…nothing on THIS earth”…

....To be continued after August vacation, next chapter : Ascension.
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