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The Dark Prince - The White Prince pt 2

“Don’t you dare come near her !” the White Prince’s voice was full of stern determination.

“Or you’ll do what, weakling ?  Bombard me with…rose petals ?” The Dark Prince’s eyebrows raised to complete  the ironic smile on his face.  “Oh wait, I know ! You plan to start reciting some disgusting romantic poems to bore me to death or even worse, sing your love sonnets….yes, that would surely kill me” said the Dark Prince waving his head. “Just what the hell are you doing here, I was hoping the Witch send your miserable spirit to oblivion…but I guess a Soul is a hard thing to divide completely. Or maybe it was the Soulsword she used to entrap our Soul after murdering us…she linked my part of Soul to the Gem and it seems through the Sword’s hold on your part, some of the Gem’s power passed on to you…or whatever, it doesn’t really matter, you’re little more than a ghost now, sooner or later you’ll fade in Limbo or the Witch will finish the job with some wicked spell of hers”

“The servants of Darkness must  learn that the Light, integrity, honesty, mercy and love for peace is not so easy to destroy” replied the White Prince, seemingly unaffected by the Dark One’s taunts.

“It was your damn pacifism that got us killed !” shouted the Dark Prince, slowly coming closer. “You could defend our self, give a decent fight, go down like a man taking as many enemies as you could with us, but noooo you had to give a lecture about ethics and goodness and butterflies and rainbows and all that crap…while the Witch was silently casting her paralyzing spell, leaving us totally at her mercy…although there was no mercy. At least I’m happy I got rid of your pathetic Soul, and now that the Witch created a new material body for me, I can have the Queen in both the material and spiritual world. Don’t worry, I can be merciful you know…you can watch the show all you want”

The infuriated White Prince hurled himself at the Dark One, arm raised to strike, only to be stopped in mid-air by the Dark Prince who grabbed his forearm…the two men seemed equal in strength now.

“you’ll never have her !” said the White Prince clenching his teeth. “She loved me, the tenderness, the goodness, the kindness you will never know”

“I didn’t hear her complain about what I give her “ replied the Dark Prince.  “You could never give her what she really needs…a real man, to dominate and feast on her mind, body and soul, make her insane with raw passion, make her lose herself in wild lustful abandon, set her free of restrictions, make her scream for more….and then some more. She belongs to me, and me alone”

“Silence, both of you !” the Queen’s loud voice made the two men turn their heads towards her in astonishment.

“This is between me and the weakling dear, you know, men stuff…well, he’s not much of a man but don’t worry I’ll give you what you need after I take care of unfinished business” said the Dark Prince, always in the most ironic manner.

“I see no men here” replied the young Queen. Just two boys full of themselves, speaking about me like I wasn’t even here, like I have no say in the matter at all, like you can decide yourselves who can have me….well, time to learn that neither one of you can!” shouted the Queen. The two men stopped fighting and looked at her with disbelief.

“My mind finds it so difficult to fathom what has transpired here….yet my heart and soul knows it’s true.  You are aspects of the man I loved with all my heart before…everything  was clouded, by a spell I presume…similar to the one that made my father’s mind to rot. Another spell to make my heart belong to the King……and promises of power over the entire world and ownership of me to make you a servant of the Sorceress  am I right Dark Prince ?” the Queen asked, her face starting to darken as she started to realize the bigger scheme  of things.

“I am servant to no one” replied the Dark One. “Do you really think I care about kingdoms and riches ? Yes, it’s true the Serpent Sorceress promised me so much when she decided to keep me handy after the King betrayed her. She told me everything, and knew my hatred for him would make me her ally. She used the most terrible magic to separate the Light aspect of my Soul making sure I wouldn’t have second thoughts, because she intends to claim this world for her own. She will mercilessly crush any opposition, and I couldn’t care less about the world and the hypocrites inhabiting it. Give them some gold and wine and they’ll turn a blind eye to murders and injustice. Give them a position of power and the most devout freedom fighters will turn into tyrants. I don’t care what doom awaits this world…they deserve it.”

“All I ever cared for, the real reason I pledged my alliance to the Dark Sorceress….was to have you again, the only one on this world I care about…is you” said the Dark Prince to the Queen, the last words uttered in a very different manner than his usual harsh, cruel way.

“You’d like to think you aren’t a slave, as you like to believe I would still love you after you bowed to the Shadow” said the Queen. You have betrayed everything that’s good and decent in the world, even in the name of love. Both you and the White Prince think that a man would fulfill the totality of my being, that all I would ever need is either lustful carnal pleasures or the tender, affectionate aspect of love. You know nothing of me, both of you” said the Queen looking away in disappointment and frustration.

A moment of heavy silence came, as the three of them  had to deal with painful realizations. But it was only a moment. The Queen looked at the two Princes and spoke, stern determination and power in her words.

“I am my own Woman.  I decide who and what is good for me and what is not.  No one can know or decide for me. So know, boys that would like to be men, that a man and his love would of course give me bliss, but not wholly. I require a purpose in this life, a duty, a goal to achieve, something worth fighting and even dying for if need be”

“You mean my manhood isn’t something to die for ? mocked the Dark Prince, barely evading a strong slap in the face from the enraged Queen.

“See ? that’s the true Dark Prince, nothing more than a boy who doesn’t care about anything and anyone, thank you for proving me your better in every aspect” shouted the White Prince in triumph.

The Queen shook her head and rolled her eyes, tried to say something…but preferred to just take a deep breath…then she addressed the two Princes again.

“For all the wrong reasons, I became Queen of this Empire, built in bloodshed, treason and dark sorcery. But fact remains, I AM the Queen. And the darkness that spreads on this world…is what will give me the purpose and meaning I always felt missing. I have to save the people of my Kingdom, fight the Dark Sorceress any way I can, even kill her if I have to, or die trying” the Queen’s voice was not sad anymore….knowing she had once again found the man she loved with all her heart, even in this condition, even if both his aspects proved to be so immature. Now she at long last had what would give total meaning to her existence, and the most noble one, to save them all".

“It’s too late to save the world now” said the Dark prince….”it’s too late for anything
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