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The Dark Prince - The White Prince pt 1

He was still standing in the shadows when the Queen returned to the Spiritworld.  Which now felt as real as the material world she gladly left behind.  The Dark Prince was not there,  how typical of him the Queen thought…even if she didn’t wake up right after the most intense orgasms, he always left her on the altar and vanished into the shadows. Only there were no more shadows and no more dungeon…all had been transformed into a vast crystal, pulsating and humming like it was alive.

Some seconds passed with neither one saying a word, but she knew his heart beat as fast as hers. It felt like she had found something invaluable she lost who knows when…maybe in another lifetime. She sensed the man was very weak, like on the verge of death, but she also felt that her presence…made him stronger. She felt waves of emotions churning inside him and ….warmth…what was uncanny is that she had also feel this coming from the Dark Prince but in….a different form. Enough wondering and waiting she told to herself. She had to know…everything.

“Whatever you intend to do or say to me, please come forth and do it now” she addressed the man in the shadows. Her emerald eyes widened in surprise and disbelief as the mysterious man walked into the light. He looked identical to the Dark Prince…although totally different. As he slowly walked towards her, she found her Soul drowning in the blue of his eyes, so different form the dark red brown of the Dark prince. His blonde hair a total contradiction to the jet black of the Dark One.  Clad in white, he seemed like a polar opposite twin. The sadness in his eyes was different from what she sensed coming from his Spirit…

Pure love….she felt overwhelmed as she felt a soft caress on her face, his fingertips barely touching, tracing her facial features.  And….the same waves of total love she felt from the man, now were also rising inside her, her whole being flooded by a bliss she…had felt before in her life…but not with the King she was supposed to love. She found herself flooded with all kinds of the most intense emotions…she wanted to take care of the man in white, protect him, nurture his body and soul, tend to his every need like he was her newborn baby…but also a side of her wanted to break him, make him beg for her love, give him fire and ice, pleasure and pain, put him in bondage then use the whip on him then make his mind go numb with the ultimate desire for her as she’d kneel before his tormented body giving him total pleasure looking deep in his eyes, feasting on the total adoration she’d see in them…but for now, she just wanted him to hold her…and never leave her again, she needed to let her Soul dissolve in this sea of endless love that encompassed her entire being.

In the material world, the Captain of the guard was trying to calm his King.
“My Liege, the observatory confirmed the distant red glow we see on the horizon is a volcano, that huge crater we saw during the campaign against the Southern Kingdom. Also, the chief Librarian reported that according to the ancient texts it has erupted multiple times in the past”

The King’s face was dark. “Yes this may be the case…I pray for this with all my heart. The tremors before the big earthquake, all happened in unnaturally regular intervals though my old friend… followed by a great earthquake and titanic flames sprawling from the tormented earth…do you remember when this last happened ? “

The Captain’s voice sounded like coming from inside a grave. “Just before our final battle with the Southerners…when our only chance for victory was the unworldly reinforcements…the dark Sorceress called form the bowels of the world…when she opened….”
“the Chasm” the King completed the sentence the Captain was so unwilling to finish.

Still too faint for the two men to notice, a rhythmic tremor made the ground shake…slowly moving towards the Middle Kingdom’s palace. Also too deep underground to be heard, a malevolent maniacal laughter filled the corridors of the great labyrinth beneath the castle, in the center of which the King had entombed the Gem of the gods.

“we cannot afford not to investigate this. Take the whole battalion of royal cavalry and leave as soon as preparations are complete, it shouldn’t take more than an hour, they are always on stand-by. I will be safe inside the mighty castle’s walls with the infantry, we forbid any other kingdom to have an army anyway, just meager militia. Leave immediately and ride like the wind. If our worse fears prove true, exterminate everything not human, show no mercy…and please, come back to me alive my brother, my comrade, my love” the King’s voice was trembling.

“All these years I let nothing bring harm to you my Liege. It probably is a false alarm, but as always you are right, we have to be sure” the Captain said.

“Go now, I want you to arrive there by first light of dawn…the Darkness is an ally to sinister things. Go old friend…and hurry back” the King put his hand on the shoulder of his most treasured soldier and lover, the two men embraced like they did before every great battle, and the Captain left the King’s quarters bowing to his King, ever the true soldier.

The Queen’s eyes watered, as she hurdled herself in the arms of the man in white, not even thinking about it. She left a cry of deep release without even knowing or care to wonder the why’s…she just followed her heart. After soaking the White Prince’s chest with her tears she looked him in the eyes feeling a Soul umbilical cord restored, nurturing her Soul with the Love she always felt missing from her life, like breathing again after a long time of suffocating.

“I….i know you, I know your face and I know your Soul….much still evade me, like a dark shroud shifting immediately to prevent me seeing through it…but it has more and more tears now, it’s torn to shreds which fall one after the other and I can perceive the most beautiful light beyond…I know you… are…

“A dead man” the thunderous voice of the Dark Prince echoed throughout the crystal hal
Written by AlienScum
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