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The Dark Prince - The Queen's dream pt 4

She also noticed that there were no more walls of stone, but pure crystal, pulsating, emerald mist churning around and inside them, like the blood rushed through her veins…she was already overwhelmed with lust now that she knew she had an audience too, the mysterious voyeur…she could somehow perceive his emotions even…jealousy…she wanted her for himself….a great sadness…seeing another man enjoying her…and sexual desire for her….so intense, so undeniable inside him…and rising…

She also sensed another emotion stemming from the man in the shadows, so deep and strong…but she didn’t  feel like probing further now, this was amazing, in the Dreamworld she also had...psychic powers…or could it be the intense sexual play that heightened her intuition ? She couldn’t care less, all she wanted now was to give the mystery guest a show he would never forget…in the real world she wouldn’t even dare to think of her acting in such lewd ways…but this was a dream…her dream, and she could do whatever she pleased, no boundaries, no limitations and no restrictions, an amazing world to fully and deeply explore .  And now another man was in this strange world…hers to seduce and enjoy to the fullest…and a wonderful opportunity to make the Dark Prince mad knowing he has a rival, she only wished the newcomer to be a match to him.

Another thought made her heart race further fuelling the flame of lust inside her…what would it feel like if she could have them both at the same time…their bodies, their hands their mouths their fire inside her….she felt the ultimate orgasm approaching as the Dark Prince, as if perceiving some of her thoughts, slipped two fingers into her pussy then started to move them frantically in and out of her, in a circular motion so he stimulated her pulsating clitoris too…then  two of his other hand’s fingers into her mouth, doing the same…her mind was filled with swirling colors as the world faded around her, the tidal wave of final pleasure building up fast…and she heard the Dark Prince panting, felt the same surge inside him….and also from the mysterious shadow man….she couldn’t see his eyes but she knew they were locked with her, their essences aligning, synchronizing ….there was something still unseen in him, she could only feel something vast and all-powerful beneath the shadow man’s lust …but she had no time to think about it.

She and the Dark Prince climaxed together, in a cataclysmic release of pure sexual energy which was far from a mere orgasm….it took the form of a titanic wave of ethereal vibration that expanded outwards, making the crystalline structure all around them synchronize totally with the oscillation of their souls. All faded in a flash of blinding light…

It was the moment of Alignment, the meaning of which she’d found out soon enough…

Somewhere, a Cosmic Key like turned inside a Universal lock…much like the Dark Prince’s manhood inside her, it triggered a sequence….the Key turned only halfway, what transpired was not yet complete but it was enough to make her feel a Cosmic portal opening above her.  Beyond it, a dark tunnel leading to higher planes of existence, in the distant light at its end she could barely perceive beings…existing in a place beyond time and space. She felt a great pull on her Soul, like being swept up, her mind flooded with ancient knowledge. Normally she should feel scared but a tranquility she never experienced before flooded her entire being….like coming Home.

There was no sense of time as her Spirit entered the psychic tunnel and began accelerating. She saw the world being only  a beautiful little blue marble floating through the eternal fabric of the Universe. Star systems, start clusters, galaxies, nebulae, and the Spiritworld permeating everything, her realizing it was not the world of dreams she visited when meeting the Dark Prince…but the other side of the mirror. It was then she realized her existence not as some Queen of a small world, one of untold millions of inhabited spheres, but a Cosmic being.

Her flight through the tunnel slowed down suddenly, coming to a halt midways. With all she was, she wanted to continue but it was not possible. Once she realized how much is out there, how much more she was than a human being, she knew the reason everything on Earth felt so mundane and childish to her.  The Universe was unfolding itself before her, and she knew it was Home…she was drawn back down, outside of the tunnel and the Spiritworld, she tried with all her will to fly further upwards, but it was not possible.

She woke up in her royal quarters as her bed and everything around her was shaking from the most intense earthquake ever. She could hear people running and screaming in panic all over the castle. As she walked towards the heavy door she realized that…the “real” world now felt the same as the Spirit world…. she also noticed that her maid was not there. “So strange” she thought…she almost never leaves my side and it’s unlikely the earthquake, even if it shook the whole city so hard, could scare her….i don’t know if anything could scare that old woman. She put such thoughts aside and walked decisively towards the door. “Can’t a Queen have some quiet nowadays ?” she yelled at the astonished royal guards. “Tell people to go scream somewhere away from the palace, royalty needs sleep !” and slammed the door leaving the surprised and scared guards looking at each other, unable to utter a single word. She grabbed the vial of soothing balm and drank the rest. Perhaps it was not prudent to have more in a single night…not that she cared much now for her earthy existence…now that she had a glimpse of the Universe and  her Cosmic aspect.

All that mattered to her was getting back to the Spirit world, because now she knew…the Dark Prince had activated a sequence inside her, but he was half the picture. For the Key to turn fully and unlock the Cosmic lock, she needed the other half…and deep inside her she knew the man in the shadows held the answers to many secrets. She had to go back to him right away.

She had to meet the White Prince.
Written by AlienScum
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