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Image for the poem MY SEXUAL AWAKENING: AfterGlow - An Erotic Short Story

MY SEXUAL AWAKENING: AfterGlow - An Erotic Short Story

It’s 6 pm August 17th 2010, I’m on my way to pick up my lady at her job. Excitedly I smirk at the thought of the special evening I had planned for the past week just to show her how special and important she is to me. As I drove into lower Manhattan and turn onto canal street then made a left on Broadway ending at city hall. I parked my car on Warren Street. The streets are flooded with yuppies, construction workers, city employees, lawyers, police officers, city officials and some young people wearing Pace University T-shirts. The heat is sweltering, my air conditioning is on full blast, I called Jennifer and told her were I am located. She replied saying she is in the ladies rest room changing into the evening gown I bought for her from Lord and Taylor’s, and will be downstairs shortly. She couldn’t stop thanking me for her gown. “It is the most beautiful dress I’ve ever had,” she said, and she is excited to see my expression.  Jennifer spoke loudly saying “damn Neil, Beyonce’s Freakum dress ain’t got nothing on the dress her baby bought her”. I heard her girlfriend Samantha in the background saying “Oh my goodness Jenn are those the $1,300 pair of Christian Louboutin Gortika Strappy Ankle Booties, the one’s that’s made exclusively to be sold at Barneys New York”. Jennifer responded “they sure are.” Jennifer has such beautiful unmarked feet, I felt I needed to purchase a pair of  stiletto heels that would compliment their beauty yet proactive enough that would make me want to fuck her with them on during our erotic playtime. Now these stiletto heels are made with banded thin multi straps, black in color, open toes with large scale pick stitching with leather covering the heels and has an exposed zipper at the back with the signature red leather sole. “Jennifer I said assertively get down here with your fine ass.” I heard a chuckle then Samantha said “girl wait till he see’s you.” You guys may drive back to his place and make a baby. Damn I’m a straight woman and I’m having lesbian thoughts looking at you in that outfit”. “ Your making me blush” Jennifer says. I’m coming down baby, I will see you in a few, then she hung up.             
I am beaming with excitement I cannot contain my smile, I look up in my rear view mirror and I see a vision of ecstasy walking in the midst of ordinary dull uninteresting people. She stands out like one of those photographs where the main object is in color and the rest of the image is in black and white, she literally looks like she is in a 3D movie. One where she is the main focus while everything else is lost in the background, a blur as she remains sharp and in focused. I opened the driver side car door and step out trying to conceal my joy as my heart pounds heavily. I feel a small amount of anxiety, I began to tremble. I turn towards her slowly, my knees buckling as I extend my arms and we embraced tightly. I tried to pick her up but my legs did not have the strength. I stared into her hazel eyes “oh my,” my Queen “I am in awe and I am so in love with you. You look beautiful, regal, Svelte in every way imaginable. Jennifer lets out a squeamish sound “baby look at you, damn I am the luckiest woman in the world with yo fine self. You go boy, damn my baby is the business.” I rest my head on her shoulders hiding my shyness, “are you blushing? She ask. “Don’t hide that incredible handsome face from me, let me see you, look at me.” I raised my head and our eyes connect. She place both hands on my face and kisses me slow and gently, tugging on my bottom lip as she releases me. Holding her hands we walked around the car to the front passenger side, I opened the door and she slivers in left foot. The high split in her dress exposed the vividly colored long stem rose tattoo inked on the outside of her left hip, her muscular slender thighs, calf muscle, and stiletto heel which hugs her foot like it were part of it. Jennifer’s rose tattoo took her sexiness to another level as she showcased it to me like a Maserati salesman at the International Car Show as she sat smiling cheerfully.      
As I pulled out of the parking spot and drove off Jennifer asked, “baby do you have what I asked you to bring? I said I did, responding to her question and handed her the sleek looking multi-speed Bluebella 8 inch Silver colored Bullet Vibrator. It’s her second favorite Clitoris massager when she can’t have the warm and moist pleasurable sensations of my tongue. She opens up the glove compartment and takes out the small box of baby wipes and a few padded cleaning cloth which I keep in case of spills. She unbuckles her seat belt and places a few of the padded cleaning cloth underneath her firm behind, next she takes off her heels and places her feet on the dashboard. I guess this is one of the advantages of having tinted windows that barely meets the legal requirements. She places the bullet vibrator in her mouth wetting it, then turned it on and slides it between her legs. “Jennifer” I said loudly you know it is very hard for me to concentrate on driving when you do this. “Yeah, I know baby but damn I wanted to give you a little show while we are on our way to dinner and before the Broadway show, so just enjoy the show and turn the radio down so you can hear me moan and scream out your name as I climax.” Damn, my cock instantaneously hardens with the sound of those words. She looks absolutely fucking amazing, sensual, and erotic as she reclines the seat and turn her head towards me. The strapless gown exposes her beautiful slender neck, her soft muscular shoulder, and the top of her voluptuous rounded breast. She began to breathe heavily, heaving,  her eyes adoring me half shut. I felt myself dripping. Suddenly she takes her middle finger and places it inside her soiled cunt and applied the moistness on her lips as if she was applying lipstick. Licking me lips she reaches over to kiss me. I sucked and licked her lips with gentle finesse. Her vaginal fluid tastes so sweet, my balls began to swell. “Dammit Jennifer” “yes baby” she replies  “nothing,” she continues to rub the bullet vibrator on her clitoris, increasing the speed as the tension begins to build. Her hips grinding ever so rapidly she scintillates with an aura of unbelievable non containment. She takes a deep breath followed by a rumbling groan, which quickly turns into a scream. In one smooth motion she pulled the padded cleaning cloth over her vagina and placed my hand over her vagina as she began to squirt. I felt the flow and heard the sounds of multiple gushing climaxes, bathing my hand as her legs buckled. She squeezed them together tightly shaking violently in a tumultuous fashion as the words “Oh Fuck”  escapes, fading in echoes. Jennifer I whispered We have arrived at Tao, the ultra swanky restaurant on East 58th street.           
Tao is one of our favorite restaurants. It is not the kind of restaurant where you can just walk in and wait to be seated, no, they will not seat anyone without a reservation after 8 PM. They have an enormous array of unique appetizers and the dinner menu in my opinion is second to none. The bar/lounge area is slick and ultra modern. Zen inspired with a fusion of house and dance music blasting loudly reminiscent of the hottest nightclubs. Dinner was wonderful as usual, Jennifer had the Peking duck, while I had the Beef Sashimi. We are never disappointed while dining at Tao. Jennifer talked about her day at the office how all the ladies were jealous when Maxwell showed up and hand delivered the black diamond earrings, necklace and bracelet. She said she almost fainted and Samantha had to hold her up. But in truth said she had an orgasm after he sang “This Woman’s Work” acappella style which by the way I did not ask him to do. Smiling, I shouted in my thoughts “thank you Maxwell my dude. She said after he left she ran into the ladies room and sobbed like a baby, all the ladies came rushing in to tell her that they have never seen in their lifetime, anyone received so much love and appreciation as I have shown her. They also mentioned that they recorded the whole thing on their cell phones to take home to their significant others to put them to shame. I couldn’t help but to smile feeling proud of myself, and proud of her for being the kind of woman that shows me so much love that I would do anything for her to be completely happy and satisfied.      
As we rose from our table, I went over to the Sushi chef and bowed, thanking him for cooking us such a delicious meal. We enjoyed dining there so much, I left a tip that was equal to the cost of our entire dinner. I took Jennifer by the hand and headed downstairs towards the exit. All eyes were fixated on my amazonian Goddess as we walked passed the bar and out the door. I handed my ticket to the valet, and after waiting a few minutes our chariot arrived. I handed Jennifer the keys and asked her to drive because I did not want to miss anything on this night. Jennifer took the keys laughing, saying she knows why I want her to drive. “You just can’t resist me can you.” You know I can’t resist you when you get naughty. She handed the keys back to me and said “You drive, this is my night remember.” Of course it’s your night I said, and before long we were on our way to the Majestic Theater on West 44th Street to see The Phantom Of The Opera.          
Jennifer has always wanted to see The Phantom Of The Opera and though I had seen it once, I never told her I did. Besides this was a brand new production and I wanted her to feel special. As if this viewing was a first for both of us. She would always say “Neil, I’m such a bore”, you on the other hand have experience so much I wish we could do something or see something for the first time together other than a new movie. As we pulled up in front the theater I existed the car and ran around the front to open the door for Jennifer, she stepped out looking radiantly ravishing, spoiled with love and care, sultry and scrumptious. I am going to try to describe her dress as best as I could, that way you can visualize just how magnificent this beautiful creature called woman standing next to me is. Jennifer’s dress is absolutely amazing. It is made of a blend of linen and cashmere lightly woven in a diagonal pattern, the top fits like a corset, with rounded corners lounging into a deep valley with rhinestones holding the two breast section of her amazing melon shaped bosom together like a Victoria Secret push up bra.  The bottom of the dress lays snugged on her hips with a high split on the right side as the rest of the dress flow freely in and ethereal manner from the split down so that her beautifully sculpted legs can be seen in the light.             
The phantom of the opera was magical, this is a story about a young woman who was bought up in an Opera house in Paris France. When her father mysteriously dies she is sent to live with a music instructor who teaches her to sing. She thinks he is an angel when in actuality he is a musical genius who just happened to be disfigured. He falls in love with her but she is in love with her childhood sweetheart. The phantom gets insanely jealous and kidnaps the young woman while threatening to kill the young man. She agrees to marry the Phantom in order to save her beloved. The Phantom then has a change of heart after realizing he has no right to claim her as his own and releases her to be with her true love.      
Jenn loved every moment of this musical, she was filled with so many emotions, she could not sit still, clasping and cheering, her face beaming with thrilling excitement and wonder at the magnificent stage designs, the costumes, the songs, the plot, everything she said was just so perfect.  After the curtain came down we were allowed back stage after a 30 minute wait to meet the cast of the play. “I’m having the best night of my life she says and I am extremely moist and very fucking horny” she whispers in my ear. I took a gulp of air before I introduced us to the actors that played Christine, Raoul and the Phantom. She tugs on my jacket, “baby can we go home” her lips pouting as she lifts her right heel surreptitiously revealing the brillar of her bronze colored thigh.             
We existed the Majestic Theater with our hands clasp tightly with interlocking fingers fused together like the lovers of Pompeii. Never mind that they were serving cocktails but Jennifer had my heart racing and my cock was beginning to stiffened. As we made our way down the FDR Jennifer loosened her seat belt and unzipped my pants unveiling  as she puts it my ginormous cock with it beautiful pink head and places it in her warm mouth. She started sucking and slurping as I tried very hard not to step on the brakes every time she deep throat it. She has full soft plush lips, amazing white teeth, a strong jaw line and a hell of a deed throat. With my cock in her mouth she looks up at me. With one finger I removed her beautiful hair from her face, her eyes fixed on me, her lips moist and shiny. “Cum in my mouth for me daddy, let me taste you” she whispers as she strokes my cock with a firm grip. As soon as she places my cock back in her mouth I feel a surge of sensations likened to that of the thrust of the Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S as the pedal hits the floor releasing my 523 hp @ 6500 tmp from zero to 60mph in 4.2 seconds, bypassing her delectable mouth directly down her throat. Jennifer began to suck my hard, stiff, swollen manhood faster. My legs trembles uncontrollably and as my midsection squeezed is tightly a loud whimpering arggghh sound, similar to the Torque released from the GTS can be heard. She covers my mouth with her hands until the sound fades into obscurity. I felt my body going limp as she retracts her mouth off me. She sniffles as tears flowed from her eyes and cum lightly streaming from her nostrils. Jennifer grabs a few wet wipes and sanitize my cock, her face, and then the leather bucket seat. Her face desecrated by man cum, mascara smudges, lipstick smears, what a beautiful sight to behold my very own dirty little private whore after dark. Heck any time of the day.           
We arrived at my place and it’s well after midnight, as we entered the elevator, Jenn throws her arms around my neck he right leg wrapped around my waist and kisses my neck. “Oh damn that feels so good mamie”, I said as she reaches for my cock. I grabbed her big juicy ass squeezing it as if it were my own. Pulling on her hair exposing her naked neck I began to lick and suck, kissing collar bone and shoulders, “encantador mi amore”.      
We entered my Condo and I grabbed Jennifer by the waist lifting her off the floor and seated her on the breakfast bar. I pulled down the corset part of her dress down to her midsection revealing her gorgeous bronzed colored breast with big olive colored nipples. She leans backward placing her right leg on the bar and lifts the front of the dress over and behind her left leg exposing her tantalizing vagina with beautiful glazed lips and a nice size clitoris. I pulled up a short chair and sat so that my face is facing her sweet smelling vagina. With one hand she grabs me behind the neck and says “lamer mi coño papá”. I began licking her inner thigh, she quivers, then sucked gently as my lips pressed lightly on her inner hip bone, “damn papi meter la lengua en mi coño” Jennifer sighs. Slow long licks as I scoop pussy juice which looks like shimmering thick strands of silky liquid licorice attached to the tip of my tongue never breaking free. She is kept continually moist and screaming as she gushes and squirts on my tongue, lip, and face. Cringing with satisfaction, her legs convulses and she digs her nails deep in the marbled bar screaming “lamer mi coño tan burn papi no puedo dejar de corers”.           
I stood up and she grabs my cock placing it between her punnany lips, then placed her forehead against mine and commanded me to give her that slow hard passionate whine that she loves so much. She knows what comes next will be the deep downward strokes and upward withdrawals she craves and loves so much. She really enjoys it because the head of my cock slides across her G-spot filling with blood making her extremely horny and wet. It makes her entire body shake as she guides me along the path with her hands grabbing my hips and ass. This is when we start to fall in love with each other over and over again. It feels like a spiritual experience, the energy and synergy of our magnetic fields resonate at the same frequencies and it makes us feel in tuned, in synced, close knit and intimately bonded. She also loves to wraps her arms around my neck while her hands squeezes the top of my bald head as she fights to keep her balance ensuring she does not fall flat on her back. “Papi Diablos tienes el mejor dick” she says breathing deeply and loud, her eyes widening with her right hand laying flat on her tummy. “My God papi, I can feel your cock in my tummy” Jennifer screams. She grabs my waist as her eyes rest on my lower mid section. They look wild with excitement as she bites and licks her lips watching me go in and out of her. She grabs one of her breast and began licking her pierced nipples. She starts feeding me her delicious tasting melon as I stroke her at a nice pace providing constant consistent long lasting pleasure, giving her a threepeat of multiple orgasms. My cock soaked and glistening felt there was no pleasure greater than what I was feeling at this moment. I was feeling so fucking good, the climax inside me began to build in intensity with every stroke.      
The sensation of her moist warm flesh felt sweeter and sweeter with every plunge as she gripped me tightly. Her hands laying around my waist as she maneuver me to and fro and round and round until at last I clenched her tightly screaming passionately in her ear “Jennifer baby I’m cumin.” She kisses me as if there is no tomorrow. Jennifer slaps my ass then grabs me tighter. Softly she whispers in my ear “cum in me papi chulo. Coño, quiero sentir tu leche caliente en mi coño papi por favor”. With a hard violent stroke my cock rams against her cervix and released my hot load of man cum inside Jennifer’s hot Panamanian cunt which coincidentally started squirting as she belted out a loud agonizing scream.“Papi stop I think you broke something.” What do you mean I broke something? “Damn papi I felt my insides shift.” She started to shake and pulled my cock out of her, the flow of our mixed love juices spilled out of her like an open fire hydrant on a hot summer day in Brooklyn. She laid on the breakfast bar curled up in the fetal position. I could see that she was in pain so I lifted her and carried her to my bedroom, laying her gently on the bed. Our bodies soaked in sweat, saliva and love juices, body temperatures raised to the point where you can feel the heat escaping from our pores, I curled up behind her trying to calm her from shaking. I wrapped one arm around her and gently stroked her hair with the other. Sleepy eyed I got out of bed to nestle her in comfort under my white Lauren Ralph Lauren 500 Thread Count Dobby Stripe Goose Down Comforter.             
While standing I glanced at my best friend, my great love, my amazing lover, my Latino Queen. I saw a soft glowing light radiating from her skin, a shimmering royal silhouette, comparable to the golden radiance emitting from the warmth of the sun. Dulces sueños mi amor, speaking softly in her ear and gently kissing her rose colored cheeks. Damn I thought to myself she looks so tranquil, so surreal, her regal beauty illuminated by the Afterglow.  
Written by thewatcher33
Published | Edited 10th Jan 2024
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