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The Dark Prince - A night with the King pt 2

“Do you think she could still be alive ?” The King asked.

“No human being could survive that fall” the Captain replied.

The king mused “I don’t think there was anything human in that….creature”

“She lived for so long due to the Gem’s power and the human sacrifices, we deprived her of both. Even if by some infernal luck she wasn’t swallowed by the sea’s mouth, she’d wither away very soon “ added the Captain.

“Perhaps” the King said. “The spell I asked her to cast on the Queen when she was Princess of the Eastern Kingdom still holds though…but I guess it must be the power of the Gem. “

The Captain smiled. “One of your most  ingenious schemes , my Liege. Only a true Emperor would think of it. Her heart belonged to another, that boy we got rid of soon after . Making her fall in love with you….instead of a war, the marriage sealed a peace with the Eastern realm, so we could send our troops to devastate the Western kingdom.  Then, all it took was some assassinations and corruption of the Eastern high officers  and the East was ours, no more than a protectorate.  Just two well-placed spells, one to make the Queen’s heart yours and with time, become oblivious even to her pretty boy’s existence and one to rot the mind of her father, the King of the East…a headless realm, so easy to claim.”

“If we could only harness the Gem’s power…just imagine the possibilities…our might could match even that of…” the Captain added.

“Forget it” said the King abruptly, “have you forgotten the fate of the palace’s Vizier ? Or our chief Alchemist…. even that Necromancer that had pledged his allegiance to us,  the most powerful of the Southern dark sorcerers  was consumed and destroyed by the Gem mere minutes after he attempted to master it. It’s not of this world…. The Sorceress told me once,  the gods of the ancient myths created it. They descended from the Sky on their mighty ships of light and thunder. And some of them mated with human women…which all died after giving birth, to horrible creatures that often devoured the flesh of their mothers.  Hellish nightmares, able to shape shift and assume serpentine or human form, or everything in between.  When the gods left, they sent the Gem to the world as a parting gift, to preserve their seed and legacy.  It took generations of interspecies breeding to tame the godseed.  No man can ever even hold the Gem, only the women that carry in them the seed of the Serpent people, the descendants of the gods. And amongst them…only the Queens of their accursed race can master it’s cosmic power, the ones that bear the  golden birthmark…like that wench did”.

“Good thing then we left none alive of her tribe. We scoured the Empire after her demise, every city, every village, every house. All with the birthmark of the Serpent were destroyed, even children…I still remember the screams of them and their parents, their faces haunt my dreams many nights…slaying a warrior is easy, it’s duty, honor…I killed infants with my bare hands” the Captain said, his face darkened.

“It was all worth the pain and bloodshed”, the King said.  “Instead of kingdoms infested with the fell seed, or in constant warfare, now the world came to know a great Empire of humans, peace at long last. I just hope I never see that she-serpent’s face again, even if she’s still alive, she will wither and die in some faraway dark land, where she always deserved to be”.

Unseen in the secret corridor aside the King’s quarters, the Queen’s old hag-maid patiently listened to the two men. When they once again immersed in their love, she silently walked away and vanished into the shadow
Written by AlienScum
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