A Beautiful War

A Rose grew with seven pedals
as each pedal plucked  
each one represents
a broken piece of
the seven stages of true love
what love suppose to mean  
act of falling in love
most famous stage of them all
lust and desired taste  
feelings of attachment and commitment
just a thought of appreciation
appreciating the fact I'm attracted to you
while your falling in love
in our meaningful conversation
entitled to this chemical romance
logic mix with reason is apathetic
but our pride and motivation  
is what makes us two stand
ignoring our trust circle
ignoring our mentors advice
because blood is thicker than water
but blood can be tainted
we believe we're meant to be
together; together forever
as the first pedal falls  
the Fullness of
our feelings and emotions
reached maxed capacity
its called numb love  
feeling of no pain  
wondrous thoughts of not thinking straight
taking its toll like pain killers
harder we fall in love
in becoming an elastic band
just inseparable  
where two clashes
another leaf fallen that crashes into...
art of commitment
where most couples separate
when the high is over
nitpicking every flaw
no longer fun love
a devil and an angel
weighing on both shoulders
whispering to keep pushing
or focus on selfish desires
another leaf detaches itself
calling it forgiving love
patience is a virtue  
values that save commitment
family and traditions keeps us strong
being educated to develop  
learning to have faith, trust and how to love
a roller-coaster emotion  
running highs and lows
can you learn to love and forgive?
to love conditionally?
or only happy when rules apply?
a leaf that falls so gently into
having duties
full-filling our duties and responsibilities  
helping each other out however  
focusing on what we must do
and changes we must make
true love must be nurtured  
putting one foot forward after another
respect will come over a period of time
where generous love starts to unfold
and loving unconditionally starts to show
without asking anything in return
another leaf has fallen  
into having respect
we start to realize
what the other is worth
feeling the love grow
where it feels more stable
adding generosity and forgiveness  
imagine where the relationship could go
with the unconditional love starting to spread
a new level has been reached  
where the leaf spiral downwards into
True love
respect created true love
devoted to each other happiness
stretching out your comfort zone
with every disagreement we compromise
learned to forgive easily
never take your lover for granted  
take responsibility for your own emotions
as the last leaf falls  
like a seed
tiny yet humbled  
that grew  
left a steam that stood strong
with each pedal that fell
was just a reminder  
what kept us together
Written by serg (Sergio Alexander Cantu)
Published | Edited 4th Jul 2014
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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