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Licks And Kisses

All the licks and kisses you could ever imagine. Enter into my personal chambers and let me provide to you as many licks and kisses you can handle. Just think, all over your body and then some. Letme stroke you with my tongue from head to toe. Placing warm kisses in places you've never thought you'd want them to be. Remove all your clothes, I want to see nothing but your heavenly naked body. I want your skin to feel every lick and kiss I have to give. Lay your body back and enjoy. You don't have to lift a finger, just receive the pleasure I come to bring you.Yes.... you're looking good and ready for me. See the sex hungry lookin my seductive eyes as I lick my lips. Feel the heat from my bare body as I lay on top of you. It's ok, honey, you can rub your hands across my soft skin as I press my moist lips against your neck leaving a trail of kisses. Kissing you from your neck then across your chest. Finding my way to your nipples and my lips soon parting and giving my tongue an exit out to lick, suck and kiss your nipples. oooo! I see you like that. You like the way I lick and sucks on your nipples? Well I have something else you may like even better.I love the way you are stroking and rubbing your dick getting it ready for me but baby let me do that. Give me your hands ... I want them here rubbing all over my breast. Squeezing them. I want you to become so sexually aroused that you'll want to hump me every time I move. Ummm...yes you are so smooth, I think I'm going to really enjoy this Lick and Kiss Feast more than you. *smiling* I may not be a big woman but I have a HUGE hunger for sex. So feed my hunger and I'll feed yours. I'm glad you like the way my hands feel rubbing on your dick but as I said I have something even better for you.Don't move. Let me show you. I'm sorry what did you say? Oh yes baby you can squeeze and smack my ass all you want. If it pleases you, then yes... do it. Ummm!! I love the way you squeeze my ass, your hands are so strong makes my want to cum all over you now but NO wait I am not done with you. I have only just begun. I'm ready to play baseball. I see you already have your bat (dick) and 2 balls (nuts)ready for me. Well let's play ball. *smiling.WOW! My hands barely fit around your bat (dick). I like that. I can still work with it. Balls are nice and firm. Lay all the way back, honey and open your legs wider so I can get closer. Yes... just like that. Licking and kissing all over your head, nicely wet and shiny. Taking it all in my mouth slowly, making nice long strokes, in and out. In and out, in and out. You like that sucking sound coming from me sucking your dick? I can tell you do because you're moaning. Ummm it's good and wet from my mouth. With some help from my hands rubbing your balls and stroking your dick firmly, I can feel you getting hard. I need to lick your dick some more. Yess.... I want you harder...I want to see the veins in your dick pop. I want your dick so hard that all the blood goes from your head. I have two words for you, baby, Tea Bagging. Licking your balls, sucking your balls, licking your balls some more, sucking your balls again....oooo yes I got you wet all over. Wait a minute I have to get behind them with my tongue.... I can hear you moaning even louder baby. Yeah baby you like that....ummm..yes...I only want to please you. As long as I know you are enjoying it I will keep going at it.I love licking and sucking your balls but your MAN is being neglected,I can't do that to him. Many licks and kisses for him coming. Come to Mama big MAN. Ummm. Licking you like it's the last Chocolate ice cream cone. Ummm so good..... so so good. My warm moist lips and wet tongue all over you.Ummm shit!! He is solid hard. He is ready and fully loaded. Ready to fire off. Time to suck him good and strong. Umm.... in and out....ummmmm ummm in and out. DAMN... he's throbbing and pulsating in my mouth...ummm. Cum for me...cum for me NOW. No .. don't hold back ...I won't get mad if you cum in my mouth. I want to taste you.I want you to see the over flow of your cum from my mouth as it pours out over your dick. OOOH!! SHITT...YESSSSS!! Look at all that cum.... ummm ..... so much of it. Ummm you taste GOOOOOOD !!!! DAMN baby all that was stored up in you? I get the feeling there is more. It's time for me the climb on and ride till I get to the bottom of this River of Cum. Yes....I know I'm wet. I was cumming at the same time as you were. Go deep. Deeper in baby. AHHH yes.... just like that. (long deep strokes in and out. Up and down. In and out ,up and down.) Umm I love the feel of your tongue and lips all over my breast and nipples. Yes...pinch my nipples, it turns me on. Not too hard though. umm like that.I knew there was more cum in you, I can feel you getting really hard again. Throbbing and pulsating. I'm pumping your dick harder and faster baby, you like that? OOh yes, me too. YEAH that's it baby.Throw it back at me. BANG it. SLAM dunk it!!. Make me feel it.Umm YES......I FEEL IT>>>>I FEEL IT.. ummm umm. Don't stop. Yes baby!! I felt that. You're teasing me. Release it all!! I'm about to cum.... huh? Wait why?. You want to put your dick where? I've never done that before but I'm willing to try it. Go ahead before I cum. You're good and wet so it should be easy to slide it in, right? UMMMM,..OHHH you're too big!! No..I'm ok, keep slowly... little pumps at a time in and out um um um. ok go a little deeper deeper ....Oh shit this feels good,you feel good in me. OHH deeper and faster ... OH yes.....Umm....ummmm....ummm....ummm... OHH, yes it's feeling better and better.... OH DAMN I'm cumming...OHHH....yes I feel you cumming too....ummmm......ummmm. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO weeeeeee!!! Shivers up and down my spine. My breast nipples are still hard. My legs are still shaking, baby.WOW is right. We are soaking wet all over. All it took were Licks and Kisses to get things started and get to the last drop. Or was it the last drop?, I hope not because I'm ready for Round 2. Yes, baby Round 2. Well in Round 2 you'll have to visit my Bakery and taste my warm sweet goodies. I am so eager and excited about you tasting them.Huh? LOL... you're so silly. You're right though you did fill all 3 of my holes. I have to admit I was a bit nervous about that 3rd hole but you showed me what I was missing out on. I loved it baby. Now..are you ready to go again? Yes...NOW. NAUGHTY BY NATURE for real. I love the naughty in you. *winking*
Written by poetjj (Juan M. Maldonado Jr.)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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