C.I.A. Call Girl

The year was 1957 and            
I honestly can’t remember              
What month it was.              
I was heading back home from              
My job working on a fishing boat.              
I decided to stop at a bar and              
Grab a few drinks before I              
Made the trek on home.              
I saw this amazing looking              
Girl sitting at the other              
End of the bar and she              
Kept giving me the eyes.              
I thought to myself,              
“No way, shes not looking              
At you, shes probably just              
Lost in thought gazing in              
My general direction.”              
To my surprise, she got              
Up and strolled over to me.              
She sat down and said,              
“Hey there, why don’t you              
Buy me a drink?’”              
“Yes mam, absolutely.              
What you drinking?”              
“I’ll take a martini--dry”              
We spoke for awhile and              
Like all things too good to be              
True, it was.              
“I like you” she said.              
“Normally, I charge 250 but              
For a nice man like you, I’ll              
Let you off at fifty and some              
She was beautiful.              
She had straight              
Black hair down to the              
Bottom of her jaw line                
And deep green eyes              
Ready to manipulate              
Any man that she met.                
Me on the other hand,              
I was far less good              
Looking than most.              
At the time, I was              
45 years old and had              
A pound in my belly              
For each year lived.              
I never have been                
One to pay for sex but              
She offered a deal and I                
Thought she may of liked me.                
After a few drinks,              
We got a cab and                
Made our way to her              
Loft in San Francisco.              
Once we got there,              
I couldn't help but              
Notice the six foot by              
Six foot glass mirror            
Plastered to the wall                
Facing the huge bed.              
I figured it was some              
Type of kinky sex mirror              
Allowing me to watch with              
Joy as I tried to get my              
Moneys worth.                
She brought me a              
Drink and said it was              
Whiskey and coke.              
“Relax” she said.              
“Tonights going to be              
Fun, sit back, chill out,              
And enjoy the show”              
Thinking a great                
Night was coming,              
I knocked back the glass--              
Squinting from it’s
Bitter taste.                
Little did I know,                
The drink was laced with                
L.S.D. and Ketamine and                        
Just for those who don’t              
Know, there is nothing              
Worse then unknowingly              
Tripping out in some              
Strange new environment.                          
Regardless, we made small              
Talk the way those kind of              
Girls like to and I started
To feel a bit nauseous.                
After puking a bit, I looked up.              
My vision began to morph,                
Bend, and bow--light up and              
Exaggerate my surroundings.              
Everything from the curtains              
Up to the stars were              
Detailed and intricate as I’d              
Ever seen, hands down.                
I remember watching the              
Walls breath and seeing              
Energy pulsating out of my              
“What the fuck is going on?”              
I thought. “Why am I seeing the              
World in such a distorted way?”                
After the effects kicked in
Fully, that damn call girl                              
Disappeared back into the              
Shadows of her jaded life.
Then it was just me in there.              
I could hear the C.I.A. guys              
Chatting away in the other              
Room but I never saw them.              
They flipped on red lights and                
Started to play this horrific    
Music. My mind soon began              
Coming unhinged.              
I was stuck, locked in that                
Haunting room with no              
Windows and no way to              
Escape. I tried the doors              
But they were bolted shut.              
I guess the C.I.A                  
Wanted to watch me flip                
The fuck out until the              
Drugs had completely              
Worn off, and they did.              
They watched me for              
Ten God damn hours.                  
Soon, time and sound              
Became illusory and my                
Bad memories began to              
Get the best of me.                
I pleaded, “Help me! Help me!              
“I’m loosing my damn mind.”              
I knew though that no one              
Behind the mirror was              
Going to help me out.                
They had Jobs to do.              
I was nothing more to them              
Then all those fishes I catch.                
I rolled into the bed,              
Tossed and turned,              
Tossed and turned,              
Back and forth,              
Back and forth,              
Then crawled into the              
Fetal position and covered my              
Ears. I was unable to move for              
Hours, total hopelessness.                        
I woke up the next day              
Sometime near noon,              
Stranded in the street,              
Disoriented, angered,                
Shocked, and confused--              
Totally unsure of what              
Happened the night before.                          
A decade later, the C.I.A.              
Declassified the files              
Explaining the details and              
Nature of their experimentation              
With L.S.D. on American citizens.              
Turns out I’m not the only one.              
Many others were charmed by beautiful                
Women and brought to the C.I.A.'s              
Safe houses in San Francisco, then,                
Well, tortured, all to do some              
Research on whether L.S.D.              
Could be used for Mind Control,              
Interrogation, Behavior Modification,              
Or as a truth serum.    
Written by Gonzo69 (AnthonyHendrix)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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