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Sick Of Your God Loving Bullshit !

God who was spose to be our creater was just created by those who are to scared of nothing after death.

People follow a book writen years and years ago saying if you dont bleave in god then you are a sinner and your going to hell.

Now tell me where it says in the book that you read each sunday that says that the devil is the one that started wars in his name and brought on a great flood that kill everyone except two of everything ? dose that mean human kind is nothing but inbreds?

You never hear people scream oh the devil made me kill my baby and that he came to me in my sleep .

No all the time it is god  that people scream when they kill there babies and start wars becuse they dream that god came to them and that they hurd his voice in there head .

If you ask me fath and religion are just a bunch of mindless bullshit  and if this makes me go to hell then I rather be there then in heaven.

Do people not realize that if there was a heaven it would be full of nothing but murders , abusers , corrupted government officials , liers and users.

You want to know why becuse the stupied book you read says that if you confess your sins then you are forgiven and that god will welcome you with open arms .

I dont care if I go to hell becuse to me its better then haven think about it for a seconed befor you try to shove your stupied fucking religion down my throat agan .

Realy stupied fucking people following a book that is nothing but stories by the way dinosurs were real thats why there are fossels so what the hell does that tell you ?

Realy stupied dumb ass people and if this makes me a deamon then good becuse I rather be one then a god loveing freak who only bleaves whats written in a book .

Just like the stupied sheep  say in Jesus name FUCK YOU ! ....

Written by Tamaura_NightAngel
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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