Spiderweb Cage

Holding on to a butterfly’s wings
Holding my heart on tattered strings
Holding your breath amidst fragile things
I see you, do you see me?

Calling a name through the growing night
Hiding my face from the dimming light
Yelling and screaming with all my might
I am the door, will you be my key?

Smiles reflected on the falling tears
Watching them splash on the coming years
Running away as happiness nears
I know who you are, but who will I be?

Identities shatter on the stolen glass
The shell that remains shines like polished brass
But it’s empty inside, it’ll never last
Look in the mirror- who’s that I see?

Curtains raised on a cautious show
The heart shown there is as white as snow
The lead actor watches from the floor below
I trust you- but what does that mean?

The actor endeavors to cross the stage
Takes as short as a second and as long as an age
He opens the door to the spider-web cage
I called to you- will you set me free?

I saw you, but did you see me?
I was the door, but were you my key?
I looked in the mirror- and who did I see?
I called to you, and did you set me free?
I love you, and do you love me?

Gathered in his arms, the actress cries
For all the dark whispers and all the sad lies
Her heart, set free, rises into the skies
Joined in the clouds by those loving eyes
She whispers, “Do you love me tonight?”
And he whispers,
Written by MythsComeAlive
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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