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Lycanthropic winter (part 1/2) -The rise and fall

It was mid winter
The month I'm not sure
Nineteen twenty something
These days are a blur

I coexist amongst the animals
And live off the land
I hunt what is needed
All but my rifle made by hand

Awakened by a sound so significant
The howling seemed monstrous underneath the moon
I've heard the wolves before but this time it was different
I've heard the tales before but never thought them true

I loaded my gun but little did I know
The events that lay before me
The beast I was about to meet
Would forever be transforming

Glinting eyes just through the tree line
Watching my every step
Steam billowed from its bloodstained snout
I could smell the iron on its breath

In the shadows it stood erect
It looked like a man
Walking on its hind legs
It held something in its hand

I heard a moan from its grip
From a person torn and ripped
Done with its toy it dropped it to the ground
I smashed my lantern and fire gathered around

The blaze allowed me to see the beast in full
Half man half wolf all rage
I knew it wouldn't leave me peacefully
I'd have fight for my life and ignore the pain

Its chest was scarred with bullet holes
Fur matted down with something else's blood
It growled and shook the earth beneath me
I gripped tight my loaded gun

Dropping to the floor
Now walking on all four
Circling as it roared
It's body shook in perpetration for this war

It's fur stood straight up along its spine
It's eyes stared maliciously into mine
Without further haste I raised my rifle taking aim
Shot the monster in the eye didn't kill but sure did maim

It yelped aloud and slipped into the shadows
I wanted to follow
But to fall into its trap
Would leave my carcass cold and hollow

I heard the snap of twigs and crackling leaves underneath its paws
I felt hot breath and then it's claws
In the cloak of darkness it came to my back
Tearing me to the bone with a well played attack

I turned to release a second assault
But as quickly as it came it slipped into the trees once more
Wounded but not fallen I stay within the fires light
My blood turned the dirt into mud as it dripped to the floor

I knew it was close
Quietly stalking
"Come out and fight!"
I yelled at it taunting

I loaded my last round into the rifle
Quickly losing blood my breathing got stifled
Reflecting the fire, it's only good eye gave it away
Another volley coming and I was ready to play

Taking aim again
Pointing at the glint
Squeezing the trigger
.....Direct hit

It let out a howl which rattled my bones
And fell to the ground where no light had shone
Panting hard with corpse breath so pungent
I unsheathed a stone carved hatchet ready to plunge it

It laid in the dirt
Sniffing the air
Snapping and slashing
It knew I was there

My muscles were weakened and my body was cold  
Raising my blade for the final blow
I brought it down hard splitting the skull
But that godless monster just wouldn't let go

Barking and writhing though it should be dead
I axed at the neck to sever its head
Gasping for air from its throat out of line
The woods echoed loud as I broke through the spine

It's body shuttered as the curse was dispatched
The body that lay turned back to a man
I dropped to the ground ready to die
But I awoke the next morning with a hunger inside

(Part 2/2 Into the fire coming soon)

Written by Krosgood (Violence)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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