My soul needs cleansing....It needs to be washed clean of all the pain,the sadness, the hurt. Before it can even begin the process of being put back together. Every day its cloaked in the mask, the mask of a smile. Of being carefree and whole. How long does it go on? How long could it possibly last? One can take but so much before theirs just no coming back. The darkness washes over my soul like a silk blanket. Soft and comforting, yet heavy and suffocating at the same time. The times come for me to make a decision. The decision involving my tell tale mask. Is it time to finally take it off and let it rest in the hollow grave i've dug for it? Or keep it and the smile it holds and forever more. Shouldn't the ones around me see my true being...the thing i have spent years kept in the shadows. Well I am done. Done hiding, done pretending I am whole and happy. If taking off the mask is what it takes to have others realize the pain I endure in everyday life than so be it. Come and see my face see the stained cheeks from nights of never ending tears, come see the scars on my wrists from trying to seek simple release...Do you see me now? Actually see the person I have been all along but you where to busy to see. Now what will you say, will you drop your head in shame or finally help me. That's all I have ever wanted to be noticed and loved for the real me. The part of me that's true with every flaw and every mistake. I've made my choice and dropped the mask there's no going back now..Thing is what are you going to do now?
Written by brokenyetstrong
Published | Edited 6th Jan 2018
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