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The Monster From The Deep

The full moon reflected on the tranquil sea, not a sound apart from the gentle waves reaching the shore. A magical moment, of  a magical night…at long last, it was that day of the month again.
She sat on the sand for a while. Letting it all go…all that this world had ever given her. Pain, stress, frustration, betrayal, anger…she let it all go. Time didn’t exist anymore. The world of humans didn’t exist for her anymore, at least until morning. This was their night…
She stood up and let her clothes fall from her. She took a few long deep breaths and walked slowly towards the water. Her heart started beating fast, her spirit soaring, her nipples already hardening…every part of her in wild anticipation of what was to come.
She swam away from the shore and then let her body float on the water….soon now…arms and legs outstretched, she opened wide her body, mind and soul to him…he was close now, she could feel him through the psychic bond they shared…coming from the deep…to her.
A tentacle slipped out of the water, gently but firmly slithered around her ankle…her heart started to race. It crawled around her left leg…then another tentacle around her right leg…then arms…it started…at long last…
She was slowly pulled under the surface…this was the phase she hated…being pulled down into the darkness…soon oxygen deprivation started to make her feel uncomfortable…and just before panic overtook her, a funnel tentacle entered her mouth, going deep down her throat…if she could scream, she would…she hated this part…but not what would come next….
Seconds after, almost pure oxygen flooded her every cell, she was breathing through him…exhilaration filled her as she was saturated….mind almost going blank…no thoughts other than....bliss…and … through the link their Souls shared…a  feeling she had never felt from any human ever…
Pure Love….
The tentacles started to crawl all over her…caressing, feeling, the suckers on them tactfully feasting on her fluids…3 small ones entered her vagina…she twitched and squirmed as they explored her deep insides, stimulating her G-spot….a sucker on her clitoris made her arch her body as waves of lust rushed through her whole body….another tentacle now entered her back door, deeper and deeper….the first orgasm came …other tentacles encircled her breasts, squeezing and releasing pressure…again and again…one of their suckers on each nipple…another orgasm shook her body violently…
It got rougher…only because she wished for it…he knew all her needs….it was the moment she offered herself to him completely, totally…and she demanded him to take her…all of her…and he did….wildly the tentacles moved all over her body, writhing inside her, sucking her fluids as she came again and again…he feasted on her …..and she wanted more…and more….
If not for the excess oxygen poured into her system she would pass out form the intensity of the extreme sensations and repeated orgasms….her consciousness slipping away into ecstatic oblivion, pulling his Spirit with her…into another realm where material form doesn’t exist …into a state of permanent bliss beyond space and time…into Infinity…
He gently released her body a few feet away from the shore. She remained on the beach for a while, looking at the moonlight’s reflection on the ocean. Infinity in her eyes, she slowly walked home, only her material body still on this world…her Spirit still soared high…still with him…
People could never understand why she chose to live a reclusive life on that house on the beach. She could have any man she wanted, an established writer like her…they considered her a lunatic, after all her stories were so out of this world, no ordinary human mind could come up with such stuff…
As no ordinary human could ever give her what the monster from the deep gave her….every time the full moon shone on the night sky…

Written by AlienScum
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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