The Space Head Case of Silver Genforms

(̶C̶a̶s̶e̶ ̶P̶r̶o̶d̶i̶g̶y̶)̶[/font]

"Let's go." I slam the empty shot glass down. Case gulps his (pansy-ass) beer.
"Gonna take you to another dimension." He looks up. "Another bar?"
"No, OUT. Come on, we'll miss our slot." I grab the keys
He shrugs and follows me, two doors away. Eleven steps down,
I unlock the physics lab. Dr Criegsfield is at the control board,
frowning. "You're late. Are you drunk?"

"Hey, Doc, gimme a break." Case examines the glowing panels.
"What the f-" he starts, spots the star charts. "-uuuuuck..."
"Pay close attention." I grab a helmet and climb in the pod.
Doc runs a quick form scan, then Case follows. The hatch locks.
The rhythmic whum whum of the fusion boosters intensifies.
“Initiate transponse system. 5… 4… 3… 2… ignition.”

Surged power kicks in, everything stretches to atoms.          [ ]

We clear the intracellular jump and swirl, liquify, drop-merge back.
I get the pod docked, finish flicking switches, lose the helmet
and undo the harness. "I hope you like vodka," I smirk,
"The Ssabmud drink nothing else." Case hears the distant thumping
through the connector-corridor, lit in blue metal glow.

"Is that — Prodigy?!" The music ramps up. He checks his pockets,
finds the flash drive. “My own stuff,” he grins. I nod. I know Case —  
I turn to warn him. "We have 7 hours 40 minutes 'til our jump back."
"Let's go!" The deck floats, a wide galaxy view, stars streaming.
The Ssabmud’s skin flicker on-off timed to the beat, bodies packed in.

"They look… humanoid." He stares at a female in sterling sheens.
 “Case! Remember, she's not human, and you're not that kind of guy."
A droid dispenses four shots. We down two each and step in.
The Ssabmud shine in silver and teal, and ten seconds later,
Case is surrounded by lustrous forms. The music pounds on.

Entered in the comp, DU Member Alexander Case
Written by Atakti
Published | Edited 4th May 2014
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