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She Probably Has A Boyfriend.

She Probably Has A Boyfriend.

"Hello, I'm that creep that posted something on your new picture last week.
Why haven't you gotten back to me?"

If you think that is creepy, then you are right.
I you think that is exaggerated, you must not have been to the Internet before.

I can not imagine what it would be like, to be a woman and surfing the web.
I can not imagine, what it would feel like to see the comment, "babe I love you" at least ten times per day.
Or "girl you're so pretty", for every picture you upload.

I have not the slightest clue what that girl must go through, when all the boys cruising her profile, ask her to go on cam.
Even though I don't know just as well, how they missed that part of her profile, warning all the creepers not to do that.

This is all a lie of course and even while I am still a man, using the Internet like all the other men do.
Cruising website after website, in pursuit of girls.
I find myself making excuses for my gender and their cock-thinking behavior.
I find myself consolidating those girls that keep getting all the unwanted attention.

Am I a pervert?
Am I a sicko?
Am I any better, since I'm still trying to get into her pants as well?
Although she probably already has a boyfriend...
I wonder how they met?

Probably offline.
I bet he is a nice guy.
Not the Internet definition of a "Nice guy",
Some easily aggravated, skill-less teeny-bopper, who grew up on the words Bitch and Slut.
Who has a twisted world view,
Who feels entitled to her love, for the minimal attention he gave her every day...last week

Do they think I'm like that?
Do I?
I'm not really a "nice guy", but I'm not the kindest person neither.
"Would you be so kind to fuck off", is for when I'm going soft on you.
I try really hard to keep the rage inside.
To keep the noises down. To keep the voices out,
that tell me I am a horrible man, who must do horrible things. Right now!

Let's hope she has a boyfriend,
who will protect her from me.
Written by Allen_crown
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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