Chances Lost,,,

Chances Lost,,,Are Hopes That We All Share,,,
Pages Torn,,,Ripped From Our Book Of Dreams,,,
A Fantasy,,,That Awaits Us,,,Out There Some Where,,,
One Less Time,,,For The Pendulum To Swing,,,
Thousands Of Gallons,,,That Are Washed Away,,,
Underneath The Bridge,,,And Out To Sea,,,
For They Are Gone,,,And No Longer Matter To Me,,,
The Seconds,,,The Minutes,,,The Hours,,,The Days,,,
Cascading Over The Edge,,,For Everyone To See,,,
That Form The People,,,Who We Are Supposed To Be,,,
Chances Not Taken,,,Time That Was Wasted Away,,,
Words Were Never Spoken,,,That Lips Never Say,,,
Built Up Emotions,,,That Simply Evaporate Away,,,
Words From The Heart,,,That The Lips Never Say,,,
To The Ears,,,That Never Hear Them,,,
To The Heart Strings,,,Never To Be Played,,,
All Of The Things,,,I Should Have Told You,,,
All Of Those Things,,,That I Can Not Re-Say,,,
For I Can Not Return,,,To Some Yesterday,,,
And If I Could,,,Would It End Up The Same,,,
For The Heart Can Never Hear,,,What The Lips Never Say,,,
And Then Sometimes,,,I Wish You,,,To Read My Mind,,,
So You Would Know All These Words,,,I Have Left Behind,,,
The Things I Never Told You,,,That Weigh On My Mind,,,
What My Heart Felt,,,That My Lips Did Not Say,,,
To The Ears That Never Heard Them,,,On Some Yesterday,,,
To Those Beautiful Eyes,,,That Never Gazed Into Mine,,,
To All The Things That Could Be,,,Now Left Behind,,,
For The Lips Did Not Say,,,What The Heart Felt In Time,,,
For The Ears Never Heard,,,What The Heart Had To Say,,,
And Now In My Mind,,,Over And Over Replayed,,,
Had You Only Known,,,How I Felt On That Day,,,
But That Was So Long Ago,,,And So Far Away,,,
And I Think Of You,,,As I Gaze Up At The Stars,,,
I Hope Your Doing Well,,,And I Wonder Where You Are,,,
As I Stand Here,,,Alone,,,Underneath The Milky Way,,,
Because Your Ears Never Heard,,,What My Lips Failed To Say,,,
And Over And Over,,,In My Mind,,,Replayed,,,
Over And Over,,,Until My Dying Day,,,,

Written by Cannaballester
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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