The Devil’s Advocate

“The Devil’s Advocate”

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing you you’re insignificant…
What good is proof, when it's degrading, and failed debating its modesty?

The truth is, nothing's more alienating than honesty,

I'm a failing commodity...sailing through an odyssey—

Adjacent to a neighbor who's nailing "savior" to "prophecy",

And what if he's right..? Truth is, truth is always something we fight...

Culture of conflict...celebrating an elevated sculpture of convicts,

A pulpit of nonsense—delegating to well-instated culprits in Congress,

So knee-deep in bullshit...keeping a full clip,
For neat freaks who keep peace with bullets and bomb threats,

Who needs some freedom?...breathe easy, we speak freely—

and call it our heritage; pull an accomplice from his seat—really...

Call him a him a terrorist,

Call him anything you want, as long as it's not "American",

Creationist fuck-ups...that's something we'd mold,

'Cause a real patriot shuts up, and does what he's told,

I'm an objective man...that often means I'm not very well-liked,

And that's the irony of honesty…even when I lie, I'ma use it to tell a truth,

I can put the fear of God in you, proving that Hell has use...

While demons deep inside me abuse it, and sell it new—

I keep it to breathe in idly, and choose it to seldom lose,

I've loosened The Devil's Advocate...

Born to be rebel, and meddle with the establishment,

More to be embezzled, and kennels to keep for savages,

Pedal to the metal...lead'll defeat the activists,
And war exceeded levels of metal-depleted pacifists,

Who needs 'em..? Freedom isn't free, and we can proceed to package it,

But don't get me wrong...I'll support gay marriage, and a woman's right to choose,

So that trying to vote against me, guarantees a fight you'll lose...

Hollow points make better bullets than arguments,

But I can see 'em through, and use clever bullshit to garnish it,
I'm...talented...malcontented, but valid in how we intend to tarnish it,

We’ll sound the pretentious armaments...

Big words and circular logic; disturb with merciless topics,

Dumb 'em down with some profound nonsense, like...worshipping prophets...

Truth as prescribed, here's your courtesy conscience,

The truth is...truth is just a circus we've long since—

serviced with absurdity and perjury content,

The irony of nobody wants to hear it—keep blind eyes and deaf ears,

Easy decision...just call it a front, like all of the fucks we could've given,

But this story always ends with...."we should've listened"...

Now, if you will excuse me, I'm late for a VERY important meeting. 

Right this way, Mr. President; there's a car waiting for you outside.
One last thing, if I may…this day in age—
It’s not the shepherd who approaches you with a smiling face—it’s the wolf…
This way you’re given the impression you’re not sheep.

Copyright © 2014 Travis J Gibbs, The Ant1-Her0 Project
Written by Ant1-Her0-Project (Travis)
Published | Edited 24th Mar 2014
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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