Riding against Ragnarok

Faraway within the golden orb, behind the sun
Where gods resides, those born of earth
the mighty mother of all creation
towards the realm where darkness forever swirl
ride those who have crossed the river of life
towards Valhalla, they thunder, breathing cold fire

this portal, threshold to the other worlds
of gilded doors to glory, the halls of warriors
stands and rumbling tall, they await the signs
to fight and ride against certain death
For Odin and Thor his son must prevail in form
eternal that they might rule the new world

Defy Ragnarok, they chant at the halls of Valhalla
yet they know the Valkyrie will ride the winds
Fenris, the offspring of Loki and his voluptuous lover
will discard his wolf form and ride to battle
to put down all the gods, that once slighted him
thus, the soldiers once men, stand ready for immortal battle

The ire of the sons of Muspell is awakening
soon they will ride towards their fate
for they will fulfil the prophesy of their destiny
to be harbingers of the end of the times
to break the Bifröst bridge and traverse
with enraged intent to the frozen land, Niflheim

Odin sits sombre with His fellow gods recognising
the eventual desecration of the Halls of Valhalla
the children, created by lusts of laughing gods
are riding towards the destruction of their lords
soldiers ready, with strength ten-fold from afore
will not stand the onslaught of immortal armies

Great Odin, in sadness looks around to deeply
see and appreciate,  Tyr the lawmaker,
one handed, yet fair within his judgement
he watches Frey,  a youthful shining figure
the god of fertility, the son of the sea god Njörðr,
brother of the goddess Freyja

Loki, the joker, the fun maker, shape shifter
even he will be missed, Odin muses
when Ragnarok happens, and the world ends
two humans will emerge and repopulate the world…
hooves of many thunders towards the Halls of Valhalla
the gods await, to unleash their wrath to evade

Written by Grace (Idryad)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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