Ambition to Self

Figure out what your struggle is then embrace it
nobody here to help you just gotta roll it up and face it
get so blown out your mind trying to avoid what's real
spent your last dollars on an alternative feel
but me I alternate wheels making moves from back to the front
never thought you'd find yourself alone chasing the hunt
but that's life just a constant misinterpretation
don't like what they're playing man create your own station
never need to question what's right and what's wrong
you were born with a genetic code that's all you need to move on
Don't let the toxic infiltrate what started out pure
Its growing stronger each day but just think back to before
Runnin' down the hills from sunrise to sunset
never needed anything artificial how quickly could we forget
you never hit the backspace its the key sent from hell
that the devil wants you to tap on believing your shit can’t sell
I consider my words sacred that's why I leave them untainted
perfection isn't beauty just another falsehood that man's manipulated
Like a red light in the desert I'm outta my place and feel I'm stopping no one
So as you all run right through me I feel my work has begun
putting labels on objects and giving them life
like some sick personification composed of lies and the likes
We never painted an image that didn't leave an impression
see in the grand scheme of things there is no standard I'm reppin’
Just flow down the stream like nature peaceful and bold
Although the inhabitants will taunt you, leave you deluded and cold
Slightly off time never hurt anyone but the voices
you can shut them all down just close the door it’s one of your choices
learn to make them wisely then keep your voice shoutin’
don't worry about all the rest as they drink from the fountain
that's polluted and used up- me I seek my own spring
Even if I have to dig for years just for a few drops of that thing
Not quite sure what, guess we'll find out when the moment arrives

...And all of the aforementioned is called being alive...

Never waste it for a moment because the evil will suck you from the core
dismantle your visions leave you dead on the floor
We've got to surpass what the humming is saying
I still visit the playground but nowadays I'm not playing
A constant search for what I lost many years ago while I was asleep
Stolen straight out of my dream and now alone I must seek
Nothing has changed except a physical form so there's no reason to believe
you're doomed and yeah you've been warned
But were you listening I doubt it look at the person that you feel has transformed
from an innocent boy with a face left unscorn
into a black hearted creature that despises the path that it walks
Affected by an evil most vile that it rarely talks
what good could it say there's nothing but hate
So wrongly its chosen a self-demolishing fate
I've come to remind you from the depths of the soul
that there is still a path on which righteous men stroll
You're one of them too just need to cleanse that dark thought
Forget all that you've heard and disregard what's been taught
The only truth stems from the core which has been there all along
Now promise me son you'll give beat to this song
It won't take you long, just ambition already know that you're strong
Pick yourself up from the dust and keep moving on
Written by goldfishyum
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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