#2  The Jinn Hunter    

Rayael went to Oman she travelled there by night and slept throughout the day, she stopped in Muscat and rented herself a donkey, not for the ride, but for the bray she would need that come 3am. She threw her satchel over the side of the beast counting her candles making sure she had seven of them and had not lost one on her travels, these candles could not be replaced, not in the time she would need them by so all seven bare importance to this journey. Each candles wax made from the adipocere from the Prophet Solomon, he too could see the jinn without having to look very hard, he had a jinn build a temple for him and then he imprisoned the jinn, his wax serves as bait, the many evil jinn have often gone after this sent, for it is in their nature to do such. She and the donkey walked for a few hours and found the cave, Majlis al Jinn the place where one can make a metaphysical phone call if you will, a place where the jinn gather on certain nights a place they will not fear to come, all jinn good and evil, this is the place Rayael will get some answers and maybe a fight.  

Even with the strength's of many before her she has no idea how she is going to get the donkey in the cave, with three tiny entrances and all of them way above, this task shall prove harder than making the candles.  
Rayael took her scarf from upon her head, she took a sharp pin and stabbed her finger causing it to bleed, she pushed more blood out and drew a circle around the animal, she closed her eyes and lifted both arms to the sky, she began to chant " as above I lift this beast, as above with only peace, as above I need your power, as above in this very dire hour" she opened her eyes and the desert winds began to blow causing quite a stir and the donkey descended above her and went inside the third hole on top the cave Rayael took her staff and turned sideways to the right, her staff started to spark and it looked like lightening, and soon Rayael to was spinning slowly in what looked like a tornado of light towards the third opening atop the cave.  
Once inside Rayael looked around and it was dark and dank, the donkey looked scared and Rayael comforted the beast for a moment, she watched the moon rise through the entrance in the top and waited for it to shine through the seven cracks, she prepared her candles and listened to the water somewhere in the back of the cave trickle down into nowhere.  
3Am was taking it's time, but the wind was letting her know some jinn were already close, in fact she could hear them whispering.  
in a woman's voice, clearly familiar she heard it say "lost village girl" she smiled out the corner of her mouth and found herself thinking of her mother, she too would fight the unseen and she too would find herself in this very cave perhaps on the same night many eons ago.  
Rayael blocked the voices of the jinn out with a prayer chant, their words are poison and cause suspicion, and she has no time for either set back, at 2:57am she begins lighting the first candle and lights them all by 3am. the wind picks back up, she can hear it howl over the three entrances to the cave. chills make their way through her bones and she shakes it off with ferocity, as the candles light shines on the barren dark cave Rayael can see the shame in anger and she feel the love and contentment, she can shoes, big loud shoes atop the cave, which signals some have arrived, Rayael crouches near the left side of the donkey, holding it's tail she waits, she is waiting for the tapping of the shoes to stop for one full second and in that silence she yanks the donkeys tail, and the beast lets out a bray which echoes throughout the cave, reverberating off of every wall and getting stuck in its caverns and the bray is carried and it settles in the heart of Majlis al Jinn.  
To Be Continued......
Written by nikkimoe
Published | Edited 24th Feb 2014
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