hey andy, it's been a while

i'm so sober
this is finally almost over
my self control has returned
evicted the animal before too much of me got burned

daily fight
when you don't sleep the pain doesn't end at night
my thoughts are becoming more clear
I even made it here without causing someone to spill tears

that's a lie
I try but care for me is lessening
I was too busy being Andy to take the time for those that matter to me
i'm genuinely regretful

friendships forgotten because of me
i'm too shy and I forget how to speak
but now i'm clean
lifting again
the weight and the pain are my best friends again

I remember who you are
I remember what we did
I remember how it used to be just us two fucked up kids

I remember how our group grew larger every day
30 little fuckheads
we'd meet up and we'd play
then the drinking started and that was so unreal
our own little world, it was the perfect little deal

hormones kicked in and my dick just wanted in
booze and girls and homoerotic broetherhood
that small town bullshit
everyone's in everybody's business
that's what community means to me

then the weed
caleb and me
that's what killed me
made me lazy and my focus hazy

remember that time we almost got stomped bro
we turned up at your dealers house
asking if your brother was home
we were in our school uniforms
he was really not happy
that could have gone a lot differently in hindsight

girlfriends loved me on the weed because it made me cuddly
instead of trying to fight some cunt over the last glass of bubbly
but my grades were slipping
tried to hold on but it was a different reality I was gripping

ended up a personal trainer
I love working out this is a fucking no brainer
no income either so I had to leave her
wayne picked me up because my truck got stuck
offered me a job and just like that I put some corn back on the cob

this isn't over
it's all coming back
it's a flood of emotion
my life's coming back

Written by damagedandy
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