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Bloody Valentine: Part 2

Knowing He Can't be Hers- Day 2

         "He looked so stunning.
        His raven hair glued to his head.
        Sweat dripped off of him,
        as seared flesh still lingered
        in the air."

She smiled inside my mind,
and gave me little
'come hither' looks.
but that image of her
was shattered, appearing,
a pair of rusty old hooks.

    "His eyes spoke volumes,
        as he tried to battle her, in his metal chair,
        in realization.
        After securing his awareness,
        she stuck the weapons unto the lids of his
        eyes, in utter fascination"

Kill me!!
Why don't you just kill me?!
It's unbearable.
The dark figure before me,
seemed familiarly faceless,
distorted, and unforgettable...

       "More shrilling muffled
        screams, sent shivers down her
        spine, from the pain of the hooks attached.
        She wanted to see more of his
        beautiful green eyes,
        that she aim the end of the hooks right into
        the folds of his back."

The excruciating torment,
as this person played with my body
like a doll,
It all became numb,
I saw it all,
from a third view,
from afar.

       "He stop responding,
        but she still felt the need
        commemorate the moment.
        With blood mix tears,
        running down his face,
        Oh the enjoyment!"

I didn't need to look,
but I could see bruises all over
Little by little the portrait
of this stranger
becomes even more clearer
to see.

     "Oh! He looked like an
         abuse fallen angel.
         The blood falling, sliding down his back
         seemed like torn wings.
         The blood running down his face,
         look like tears of blood.
         He looked like a dying

She... she carved out
my eyes!
She's kissing them ever
so gently,
The hooks in my back, pulls the
hooks in my lids, keeping them open.
Two holes... bled out to
nothing, eye sockets empty.

     "She looks down on him,
         his eyes in her pockets,
         with a letter in her hand.
         She lingers even more,
         this feeling of hers wasn't
         in her plan."

Thank You for reading Part 2 of my first Trilogy. \m/
Part 3 Tomarrow. [/b]
I wonder what's in the letter.
Written by PsychicApocalypse (Darker Half)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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