winter swells


The horizon bares its teeth  
rip sawn by winter swells  
reflections of burly point breaks  
beckon the brave through howling winds  
where monsters merge upon the coast

when I see the majesty of mayhem  
my guts churn in rocky rips
and despite this feeling
I'll paddle out over mountains
until the waves are rolling hills  
pulsating perpetual heart beats of the sea  

I sit out the back
beyond the breakers
far enough
so my brothers canít hear my bones tremble
I know they taunt me
they sense the fear  
hidden away from euphoriaís reach  
but there's another [dis]advantage
sitting out the back
in my horror marinade †

when the rogue waves come crashing through  
bursting over the point like a mountain of doom  
I'm in the pocket to catch the demonís wave  
those waves scare the shit out of me  
but I always feel this uncontrollable  
impulse to catch the wall to my downfall  

it's euphoria charging down  
the face of those monsters  
my board skimming across black water  
hissing like a bolt of lightning  
when I hit that bottom turn  
I look up at my maker  
rolling in slow motion  

when the wall rises higher than ocean deep  
I charge the onslaught into monstrous jaws
swallowing me up in the close out  
dragging me under into my watery tomb  
devouring my weakness, powerless to its force  
but I fight it and I hold my breath  
until I think I'm going to burst  

eternity subsides and I float to the surface  
hauling oxygen back in my lungs  
I tug at the tether to find my board  
and paddle back out  
for another shot of adrenaline.  

This poem was inspired by the "Demons" comp.
Written by case28 (Alexander Case)
Published | Edited 22nd Jul 2019
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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