When you're nothing, no one is looking at you

When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose.  
When you are nothing, no one is looking at you.  
All my life I've kinda felt like I was one of those nothing people.  
Nothing mattered because no one was looking at me.  
I was just another inconsequential fly on the wall.  
And then...  
people are telling me that I could be something.  

And me... I never thought anything of it.  
I always kind of assumed I'd always be an amateur.  
A little kid playing grown-up games in grown-up clothes  
That you could stuff back in the dress-up draw when you were done playing pretend.
I never believed any of it was ever really going to be real.  
When all you have is nothing...  
And all you get is nothing, you don't really expect much to change.  
The laws of experience don't allow it.  
Only sometimes they do.  

If enough people tell you you're a donkey
You're probably going to start believing it at some point in your life.  
No one told me I was a donkey.
The things they told me where worse than being called a Himalayan Ass.
I can still hear the echoes of things they said.
And whether or not they're true  
A part of me believes them.  
I never thought I'd reach a point where I'd see myself differently.  
With a spark of hope.  

If enough people tell you that you could make it  
Maybe they're not lying.  
Maybe against all your skepticism you start believing  
That there is more to life than what you have right now.  
And it scares me more that I could be something.  
Because when you're something, someone is looking at you.  
And you're no longer an inconsequential fly on the wall.  
If I have nothing, and am nothing, than the only thing I have to lose
Is my nothingness.  
Which is a funny thing to be afraid of losing.  
Because everyone, in one way or another, wants to be loved.  
Indie 2014
Written by Indie (Miss Indie)
Published | Edited 23rd Feb 2014
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