Persephone's Throne

Death took me young.
Brought me to his cold & forgotten realm--
Deep inside the ground.
There is mostly darkness here.
No sun reaches Hell.
My already pale complexion has become ghastly white.
Like the moon's face in the sky.
My hands are cold to touch.
And my eyes have sunken, dark rings encircle them--
Like picture frames.
But Death waits on me, calls me his queen.
He fashioned me a throne--
"I am not Persephone" I try to tell him.
But he does not listen.
His hair is black like his obsidian eyes.
Or the rare black diamonds he gives to me--
Fashioning it into rare and ornate, impossible of ever exisiting jewelry.
I don't want to accept it but he is not cruel.
As so many stories have told me. . .
He tells me that I am his new queen.
That his old one, she did leave.
She parted from him, unhappy with his realm.
His kingdom, the throne, the jewelry he gave her.
I told him that I am, as well am unhappy with these gifts.
It hurt but I had to explain, that in the end I wasn't sure if I could remain his queen.
Abandon a life spent in solitude and become the queen of the Underworld?
I was already dead.
There was no point in trying to go deny it, or trying to go back.
I found that maybe I could love him, this Lord of darkness.
With a lonely heart made of stone, cut perfectly like a diamond-- With sharp edges of glass.
"Why do you still stay when so many others would rather go?"
I couldn't answer him "I-- I don't know, maybe because it was my choice to die."
My choice. . . My death. . . My suicide.
Realizing what I left behind.
Broken hearts and shattered minds.
"I can never go back--" Realization cracking my voice.
"No-- I am sorry but you, you are dead. I can send along the river, along the Styx to rest.
Rest in peace like mortals do, although you'll make a rather lovely Goddess."
I blushed, Goddess me-- That's not real.
Only in stories, books and movies.
That's not a real thing, even now it can't be real.
But he's standing right in front of me, offering me a deal.
Rest in peace for eternity. . .
Or rule over this realm as his queen?
I look away from him from the balcony's wall, the souls being escorted into the boat.
The boat that would take them down the River Styx.
I didn't want to go.
Because there was nothing at the end of the ride.
Just ending, I don't want to really die.
It's enough that the world above thinks I'm dead.
I don't want to end for good.
At least I am breathing, in a sense.
At least I am moving, dreaming, sleeping and if I wanted to I could eat, something.
Persephone hated it here, because she was meant to be in the spring time.
She was meant to dance among flowers and smile with the sun.
I choose to recluse inside of darkness.
And now here I am, Persephone's throne.
Besides the man she left behind--
A man whose has done nothing but bring me (ironically) back to life.
In this kingdom of the dead.
Of darkness & decay.
Why not?
Why not?
Why not?
Why not stay?
I have ended my life, by choice with my hand.
I'll never marry or live or laugh.
But this man, this man whose has taken me in--
He is, all I have left.
I take his hand in mine, he jumps at my touch.
Probably never been touched in a long time.
"I want to stay--" I start but he stops me.
"I can give you back your life" he says to me.
I stare at him, "But wh-- why?"
"Because you're too beautiful for such a place as this" he says to me.
And then he kissed me, gently, heavenly, deeply on the lips.
A kiss of death--
And I was gone for good.
"I don't want to go--" I finally manage to say.
"No, I don't want to leave. There is nothing up there for me."
"Life, breathing, laughter and joy."
"I want to stay with you--" I am begging, cause I don't want to go.
This cold and desolate place, this place is my home.
"You want to stay here, forever, remain as my queen?"
"Yes, I-- I do" I said to him, and I kissed him in return.
Married to death.
Danced with the devil.
Dragged to Hell against my will.
I asked for this.
For the pain to end.
Not the find an understanding and caring new friend.
A gown was made.
And bells rang.
I became a Goddess of darkness, of the dead.
The Underworld was where I ruled.
Beside my husband on the thrones of obsidian, black diamonds and white gold.
I am paler then ever, with rings around my eyes.
I am cold to the touch, though my love keeps my veins burning alive.
My heart throbbing on, somehow still alive.
My veins are blue, my skin translucent as ice.
I am dead, but still alive. . .
Death took my young.
And made me his wife.
It may have been a shot in the dark, when I was ending my life.
But I took it with no regrets, the pain will subside and I will forget.
Within due time.
For now I shall sit on Persephone's throne.
Looking over my new kingdom, my new home.
Deep inside of the ground.
Where no sunlight reaches.
Only darkness reigns over all.
I am Hades new bride.
And I am Mistress of this realm.
Written by Page_Writer (Mad Girl)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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