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to late for confessions by lukey boy

The first time i met you you pierced my skin
I new you were wrong i new you were a sin
I was scared of you and your tricks
You entered my body you made me feel sick
I start to shake i start to sweat
Not knowing soon ill be in your debt
The first time i met you i hated your taste
You took all my money all for a waste
So i promise myself never to see you again
But soon youll be my one and only friend
When we were apart i thought of you everyday
To stick you in my arm i was scared i must say
So once again im looking for my friend
It didnt take long we were reunited again
You sink your teeth into my arm
My body instantly goes real calm
I fall back and sink into my seat
The pins and needles starts in my feet
It works it s way up to my mouth
The taste you bring up from the south
My pupil s fade to the size pin
My body s so carm i cant lift a limb
And then you attack with an amazing rush
I start throwing up but it feels so lush
You slowly decrease my body spasims
You feel so good better then any orgasm
Then i promise never to see you again
And then i receive the message you send
I twist and turn all threw the night
My bodys in pain like ive been in a fight
Whats wrong with me i must be getting sick
Your falling under the spell of the devils trick
I no exactly what i need
And it knows exactly what ill do to succeed
In melbourne my friend is easy to find
I dont want to see him but im losing my mind
He enters the car my body sense hes near
The anxiety makes me spew from excitement and fear
He penatrates my soul the pain goes away
Im ready to roll theres no more delay
I feel incredible i start to fly
Theres no better feeling and thats no lie
I get some more because i could
Because the feeling i got felt so good
I no what im doing ill make this the last
I penetrate my vein and i ram it in fast
But something is wrong im losing my sight
I fall back in a hole i can barely see light
I can hear voices yelling are you ok
But i cant see nobody just darkness in day
I slowly fall asleep but the dream feels so real
You float in mid air but you cant seem to feel
I start hearing sirens but they slowly drift away
I can hear people talking but cant figure out what they say
Then my life flash s before my eyes
I see my daughter over there but why does she cry
Then from nowhere a sharp stabbing pain
My body is pumped with bloody narcain
I fly out the hole and let out a demonic scream
Life returns to my eyes it wasnt a dream
I nealy dropped dead that day
I mean we all have to die but not this way
Youd think this would be enough to make a man quit
But the very next day im chasing a hit
It owns me now and controls my life
Ive spent all money and now im in strife
Nothing can stop me my concious is dead
I steal from parents i steal from my friends
I hated myself i wanted to stop
I destroyed my family all for a shot
I then got introduced to the methodone
My daughter was happy i was always at home
I had an addiction on herion for ten years of my life
I overdosed 3 times and tried commiting suicide twice
Dont go this road for some it never ends
It was this stupid bloody drug that took my best friend
But im lucky to say i survided threw hell
And im still standing here with my story to tell
I still have nightmares of the past all the time
But its all just a dream the past is no longer mine
The future is now and all i can see
And to my bloody addiction f#%k you im free

I hope my poem can stop you from making my mistakes
Youll lose your friends and family to
The scars on your arms will remind you its true

Written by boxhed
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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