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I Undress You.........

(".....I must be crazy standing in this place      
but I'm feeling no disgrace for asking......")
Brenda Russell  
There is a warmth in the room      
the luminosity of the light's      
orange glow      
highlights your bright eyes      
and shy smile.....      
…...I undress you      
I feel your uneasiness      
as I loosen each button      
of  your gentle linen-silk blouse      
and it floats from your shoulders      
onto the floor.....      
…....I wrap my arms around your body      
sliding down the tapered zipper of your skirt      
You put you head against my chest        
as if you don't want me to      
feel the hurt or shame      
in your discomfort      
as your finely tailored garment falls  
I want to see more    
...revealing your beautiful black lace bodice      
accentuating the woman that your are inside      
the woman that I hold in longing arms      
My gentle, passionate kisses        
serve reassurance that      
you are "safe in the arms        
of the one who loves you"        
he that is your now      
and ever present love      
past and future shall never come to harm you....      
… promise to you my love      
My hands start at your lower back        
tracing your spine slowly      
loosening the two small clasp that release      
your breast...they fall into my caress      
so soft and warm      
your breathless sigh, heart beating strongly, steadily      
my oh my    
this man's hands have never known such pleasure     
Heaven must be like this.....      
My fingertips      
slip inside  the waist of        
your most personal wisp of black lace      
stretching them across your hips      
they settle to the floor....      
…....pulling you closer to me      
realizing like never before that      
things will never be the same      
never again will my lips speak      
the same name....      
.....and yes      
we can never go back        
only forward into a brand new day      
That moment in our now        
when I slipped inside  
the comfort of your temple doors,      
the merging of our two worlds    
You became mine forever more.        
Daring to look into each others souls        
with brave new eyes........      
…...cast not thy cares on that which has come before      
You are my love, you are my heaven      
admit no fear, no trepidation      
just love....      
"I will carry you baby....."      
never hurt you      
and never destroy      
to build you up      
never tear you down      
an inevitable plight      
that feels so damned right      
.....I undress you  
and I take your love for the  
very first time      
in that moment,    
you become mine
Written by MusicallyMrM (Mr_Mahogany_Wood)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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