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Outside a storm rages
hurricane winds
blow relentlessly
trying, in vain, to topple
the phallic sentinel
giant waves
lick the painted walls
coating its length
in salty foam
Inside the tower
the keeper,
with surprising agility
for his age,
clambers up
the tall spiral staircase
to inspect the light
which he finds
to be in working order
the Fresnel refracted
beam, like gleaming swords,
penetrate deep
into the blackness
Now descending,
from out in the squall
he hears the familiar
steady, muted hum
of the assaulting wind
and the plaintiff
moan of the foghorn
familiar, comforting music
like that of a long ago
memorized tune
remembering what awaits
him at the bottom of the stairs
he quickens his pace
There she stands,
his companion
for so many years,
his face glows
entranced by her
never-fading beauty
long lustrous hair
cascades over her shoulders
deep blue, soul embracing eyes
appear as a tropical sea
full lips form a kind, inviting smile
flushed alabaster cheeks,
a hint of her excitement,
the partial globe
of her left breast
peaks from her slightly
parted robe
He enfolds her
in his strong, weathered arms
intoxicated by her scent
overwhelmed by her acceptance
they hungrily kiss
he professes his love
they part
as he puts a record
on his ancient phonograph
“may I have this dance”
he asks and she, once again,
collapses into his embrace
they waltz around the room
to Offenbach’s Barcarolle
He lays her down
near the hearth
the welcome heat
from the crackling fire
shields them from the
Winter’s chill
clutching one anothers
naked bodies
they become one
making sweet love
long into the night
The storm has passed
he awakes
to the sun shining
through the window
the only sound comes  
from the needle riding the
final groove of the record
still turning on the player
she is gone
he quickly dresses
and rushes outdoors
his ritual search for her
he is greeted by
newly fallen snow
and the squawks of
seagulls flying overhead
smiling he gazes out to sea
humming last night’s Barcarolle
he imagines the happy day
when, with her, he will
sail away
Written by Gahddess_Worship
Published | Edited 13th Feb 2018
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