Destruction of Mankind.

Lo ! The harlot lurks in the deep dark corners in the night .
Dressed in hurt . Anguish and ridicule.
Roaming the streets and corners like a hungry dog in search for bloody meat.
Seeking to destroy marriages. Relationships . And families.
Great men of Babylon have fallen just by being in her presence.
Her eyes are beautiful hiding pain that only she have known .
Body and face of an Egyptian Goddess that no man can possibly deny.
One look into her eyes they fall for her body .
And the evil sweetness flavored with the essence of destruction nestled between her thighs.

Her lips drips sweet red wine and her tongue is convincing .
Words so tempting smooth like butter .
Speaking sweet words to feed her addiction.
Only one thing she wants and she destroys anything in her path trying to oppose or defy her beliefs.
Skin smelling of fine oils and perfume  imported and rare .
She is on a mission to devour all flesh in her world.
She knows exactly what men wants.
She possess all the tricks of the trade that will aid her in her craft.
Her name is Beautiful  Harlot .
Adorned in jewelry and fine linen .
Face made up like an innocent beauty queen her heart tarnished and
tattered sculpted of the hardest stone.
Young men fall captive to her beauty willing to give everything they own.

As beautiful as the harlot maybe she
Is a poisonous snake striking hard at her prey .
Feeding on the weakness of the rich . Poor .And just anyone who falls prisoner to her smile.
She is a cold machine , rotting with the remains of human blood.
Bodily fluids of all of mankind are no stranger to her womanly walls .
Overflowing her uterus with multiple soul ties and infatuation .
Casting her evil spirits on her captives .
Marking them for life .
Naming them the harlot 's  prized possessions.
Succumbing to her unearthly spells.
Foolish men risk everything for one night with the slut .
Just to be pleasured by the full length of her captivating but devilish walls .
Dripping with chaos .Bewilderment  . And captivity that can not be reversed .

She is a beautiful devil.
Destroying mankind for material gain.
Money and power is what she craves knowing that one partner would never be enough for her insane pleasures.
She is gone into the darkness of the night .
Her soul and her heart have been vanished into immortal wickedness.
And by no means can they be retrieved .
She has sleepless nights.
Thinking of where . When .And who's next to be destroyed and conquered for her fleshly desires and cravings.
Devising evil plans day and night to make the innocent fall as they cross her paths .
Failure of man is her passion .
Destroying her lovers with one kiss from her red painted lips.
She seeks to poison them with her venom of deceit .

Lying in wait for her flesh.
A fine young lad was he .
He searched for the harlot far and near .
He wanted to pleasure his appetite that dark and cold night .
She whistled and call him to her knowing that one look in her eyes he would be her pet throughout eternity.
Pretending not to notice her playing devilish games .
She pounced on him like a lion on their prey.
Inviting him to the death chamber covered with sweet smelling bitter herbs.
Finally he submitted.
Harlot smiled from ear to ear.
Thinking in her tortured mind another one bites the dust.
Following her every lead being lead to his demise.
He was cornered like a deer caught in the thorns .
But to her surprise he showed little fear.

She grabbed him by the hand taking him a step closer to his grave.
Holding her he wrapped his hand securely around her waist .
Then she gasped a shriek of pain .
At her heart was lodged a knife that was shiny and jagged .
Mission accomplished .
Falling silently to the cold hard street.
Now fallen captive to her prey .
He watched her take her last breath .
Warm blood runs down her leg.
Hear ye . Hear ye .
 The harlot is fallen.
Now a prisoner to the grave .
Written by LyricalDiva718
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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