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ThE TraVeLeR iN sEaRcH oF pArAdiSe..

a very wealthy man once traveled the world in search of Paradise  
he not being a religious man had no patience to wait for the Holy Hereafter..  
he traveled from this continent to that one  
finding many places and much pleasure  
though nothing of what he would consider Paradise  
nor anything he could not experience or afford from his original land  
simply different.. and to himself admitted very beautiful  
along his travels he happen to mention his desire to find Paradise to a young dock porter working on the peer of a small island..  
he asked the young man.. “you of such good cheer.. with such a glow about yourself.. maybe you can help me find such a place that I seek  
? .. for I have great wealth and even traveled the world but have fallen short on all accounts..”  
the young man asked.. “for what is it that you seek? ”  
the man quickly answered.. “I search for what I can consider a true Paradise..”  
the young man laughed heavily.. almost to the point of the wealthy man’s embarrassment..  
in a short time gathered himself and pointed the direction of a small village and told the wealthy seeker.. “come with me and I will take you there.”  
The older gentleman scoffed and said.. “this is but a tiny island, I have anchored my boat just for the matter of fuel  and victuals.. you mean to tell me that true Paradise is simply down this path?”  
Responding not.. the young man began to walk toward the village at a youthful pace..  
The seeker was much confused and hesitant but curiosity betook what he thought to be better judgment to board the boat and continue his quest.. he doubled his normal leisurely pace to catch the young lad and within minutes they approached the heart of the village where as the porter pointed out an elderly man of whom looked to be homeless, playing about with a number of children..  
He insisted to the porter that he had to be mistaken about his request, but the young man said.. “you are in search of Paradise.. and so I give you the man that can show you it’s location..”  
The man replies.. “certainly you jest!  For what can this homeless old fool tell me in the way of Paradise?”  
The young man’s response shook the Wealthy Traveler to his very core..  
“precisely the point.. this man is not homeless.. for he has wealth beyond Kings.. he owns this island and many more.. and like you he has told us the many tells of his travels in search of Paradise.. he said each beach looked sweeter than the next from a distance yet when you arrive.. there you are.. and besides this and that they're all the same.. it matters not the distance you travel nor the beauty of the setting.. Paradise is something you must bring with you..”
Written by RedHot_Peppers
Published | Edited 30th Dec 2013
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