Attila The Hun

If I could humor myself to believe that sitting on one shoulder—
would be the spirit of Gandhi...Then sitting on the other—
would be some kind of monster...
Barbaric, like Attila The Hun and Godzilla...IN ONE!  
The definition of militant in skill of the tongue,  
Pillaging whole villages, villainous scum,  
Dumb guerrilla...get rid of him, or give him a gun,  
God, forgive him...disease is a key component,  
It feeds a greed for opponents, and needed to keep focused,  
I know you’ve seen it—I walk these streets like I own 'em,  
And don't even need a reason to BRING IN KINGS AND DETHRONE THEM!..  
It's not grand-standing if I'm a promise of quality,  
The only madman who can give a god a lobotomy...  
I'm an to tell a tale—  
about giving Hell a democracy; spinning compelling prophecies...  
That split seas, lift Jesus, and reach well into odysseys,  
I’ve gotta be God, if not…it seems wrong,  
‘Cause how can I be five-foot-nine…and KING KONG?  
A righteous leprosy…I could never be trusted,  
Hybrid of everything—that could NEVER BE FUCKED WITH,  
Life is a legacy…mine would never be done with,  
'Cause right from pregnancy—I was meant to be judgement,  
I was inevitable…there's no tolerating wack shit,  
I’m just incredible—out there depopulating has-beens,  
Pack your shit, or back it up—either way, I'll bury you,  
That passive shit ain't stacking up…Jesus came to carry you—  
away from here...anywhere away from here—  
except there's no escape from fear...  
They're gonna build me a throne when I'm done...
from the bones of conquered opponents,
Can’t be killed by drone, snub-nose, monsters or cobras…  
You’re gonna need a double-dose of stronger explosives!
You ain't got what it takes...verse for verse, I will murder you!  
I am New London, motherfucker...The Unmerciful.
Copyright © 2014 Travis J Gibbs, The Ant1-Her0 Project
Written by Ant1-Her0-Project (Travis)
Published | Edited 4th Aug 2014
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