Beauty Frozen Forever

I come into my room after another day
And softly shut the door behind me.
A moment for my eyes to adjust,
Before I absent mindedly walk to the bed.
The only illumination is the dull sunlight
Flooding through the crack in the curtains
Of the window.
A soft breeze from
The inaudible whir of the ceiling fan
Crawls over my skin
Stimulating a reaction.
I sit, causing a silent squeak to echo
Through this empty room.
A sigh escapes my lips
As I pull something from under my bed.
I wipe the dust off the lid,
And turn the crank


Times before slowly opening the lid.
A soft, melancholy tune begins to play throughout
The darkness.
Tears begin to fall.
Down onto the little, spinning ballerina figurine.
Raining upon her world,
Drowning her, as she tries to dance.
She knows there is something
different about today.
She knows I'm scared, hurt, broken.
She wishes she could help me.
Continually spinning,
gears gradually slowing to a stop.
I reach under my pillow, as I hum along,
Tear stained cheeks, and a quivering lip.
My shaking hand finds what I'm searching for.
I slide it next to me, and force a smile upon my face.
I glance down at her,
She's still spinning, slowly.
Distant eyes stare into the unknown,
A beautiful figure frozen forever.
Shakily lifted to my chin.
One last breath.
A flex of the finger,
And it all comes crashing down.
She goes tumbling to the ground,
As do I.

Face to the floor,
Staring into the glazed over eyes of myself
In the shards of broken glass on the floor,
Spattered with scarlet shame.
In the last seconds, I look over.
She's lying on the floor,
Half submerged in crimson regret.
Face up,
Arms outstretched towards the sky
In her last pose of the night.

The beautiful music fades out,
And completely stops.
The crank fails to turn any longer.
I can feel the last breath leave my body,

Now I'm frozen forever, just like her.
Written by Skyla_Schizo (Skyfoxi)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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