"Duat, Realm of the Dead, God Osiris Reigns"

*entered in the legendary underworld comp  
judge me fair, as I did man before me  
 in the land of temples, land of Horus  
your son commands, land of Upper Egypt  
 pharaoh abandon me not, nor deter  
from knowing me, ancestral dynasties  
 kings' phantoms bow before and serve  
render and live of Maat, all lesser deities  
 transform my soul in twilight throes  
that I may ride the rays of shining Ra  
 through the goddess of the sky  
lordess Nut, mother of where the stars reside  
 with these rites, priests of Anubis pray in prayer  
requiem of repose, inspired through dreams divine  
 recite the papyrus of Ani', the souls journey begins  
sacred spells, written hymns, praise so holy shrines  
 favor and laud my magic words within  
you, deity of death, O Osiris may you smile  
 upon my devotion, with the truth of Maat  
Keeper of the Balance, weigh my heart  
 O Anubis, find and judge me in Duat  
that I may continue my journey's trial  
 of Confession of Sins, sworn to the list  
favored forty-two, before the Congress of Gods  
O Anubis, take me to Osiris, vindicate my prior life  
 hear my true voice, weigh my heart and decide  
reveal my past, my life righteous, without wicked sin  
 venerate my soul, your holy of this realm within  
guardian and keeper O Osiris, O Lord of the Underworld  
 magic words to pass, before the seven Arits, of trials  
so I may be judged fair and dwell unto the eternal  
 through your underworld. carry me without beguile  
nor tempt my wanting soul, more exempt you behold  
 I take names from the Book of the Dead, entities of Duat  
I desire and seek safe passage, I recite my magic words  
 I encounter on my journey to the afterlife  
protect and guide me through the realm of Duat  
 guardian and keeper O Osiris, O Lord of the Underworld  
guide and direct my path, embolden my step  
 not to wander alone, nor perish in the jaws  
of Ammut, devouress of the dead, she awaits the wicked  
 wandering souls in tumult, suffer the final death  
who awaits hungrily in paroxysm of rage  
 Ammut, the devourer of hearts unclean  
shall the Book of Coming Forth by Day  
 save my soul, before Ammut consumes me  
reveal my truth, judged righteously, so I may accompany  
 divine O Osiris, unto the afterlife and dwell eternal  
twenty-one portals of the House of Osiris I shall see  
 each I shall pass, onto the Arits, seven in number  
I recite from the Book of the Dead, I continue through  
 this realm of Duat, O Osiris, O Lord of the Underworld  
my humble quest of eternal life, I seek my second death  
 mortal is my khu, unto the immortal gods I know  
behold my painted walls within my tomb  
 wrought of heavy stone, sealed in sands of time  
fire flickers, illumined mask of jackal, priest of Anubis  
 humming chants, prepare my khu and shadow soul  
heartbeat drums, murmur secret rites the words  
 head priest, Temple of Mortuary, summon from scrolls  
papyrus of Ani', scribed symbols sacred scarabs  
 incense burned, holy wisps of smoke, behold  
I dedicate my path unto you, O Osiris of the dead
Written by jakehammer
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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