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The End of Our Story.

Iím at my Wits end.

I cant escape.

These temptations.

Are killing me.

I cant take it anymore.

Your my sickest form.

Of torture.

I cant handle it.

Its been far to long.

Of enduring This pain.

Why Wont you leave me?

My pleads.

The Screaming.

In agony.

I Hate you.

But do you even know to what extent?

How much I've gone through?

To try and hide you?

I want away from me, dammit.

But you still stay.

Watching the demons claw their way through the surface.
In which reality seem more of a dream now.
I donít know when I wake by the rising sun.
Or if it is even dawn, its more of dust that greets me.

I Wont Die Like This!

Home to the hell, that unfolds in front of me.
How many pins will you insert into me?
Iíve counted 89 by this morning.
Upon the table that has your leftover victims scattered on it.

I Am No Longer Yours To Fuck With!

Of bones and roaches.
The Pungent smell of death lingers freely.
Like you do throughout my thoughts.
This place is depressing in the most innocent of purity.

You Will Never Be The Reason Of My Sorrow!

That of which you havenít had for years.
Were you Innocent once?
Oh I hardly doubt you were ever born of a sinful lie or mark of the damned.
You were the definition of Hell's perfect child.

Your Worthless!

I cant help or saved your evil soul.
No matter how hard I try.
You are a lost cause.
Id have to go through Dante's nine gates of Hell.

You Call This Suffering?!

To bring you up from Satanís Grasps.
But are you worth of which my immortality will be stripped of?
Like the sanity from the common sense of you.
I think other wise.

I Have Had Worse Than This Shit!

I'll Continue to be unpleasant by your company.
For you parasite then an actual intellectual human being.
One that once knew of actual affection as strong as to the point as suicide.
But I had a feeling you were going to force me towards that judgment.

Slit My Throat And Call Me Nothing, Bitch!

No, Id rather take a shotgun to your head and deliver you the permanent escape.
From all in which you fear of.
Am I one of those things?
The monsters in which lay between the floorboards and the sheets of your bed?

Your Just Exciting Me Even More!

Or am I something worse then that?
Is This why you torture me with the needles and pins that stick out of me.
Like the branches of a tree.
Youíve havenít said a word my unknown illness.
Have I taken the words out of one's mouth?

How Are You Going To Counter All This With Your Simple Words?

Or have I taken your breath away, perhaps angered you?
Well If I have, I am not sorry for it.
Let my words sting like the ice frost that turns my heart to rusted cold.
And my breathing to a silent whisper of hatred that wakes you in your slumber.
For all you have done and said to me will not be left un-punished for.

You Cant Win Or Get Satisfaction This Time, Its My Thrill Now!

I am coming for you now.
Will you run and hide?
You should just be a Man once and give in to it.
Do us a favor, for this will be The End of Our Story.
Written by TheMonsterfromHe11 (Daddy Tempest)
Published | Edited 21st Jun 2014
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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