Bahri’l Nar – The Fire Lakes II

بحر النار
Sea of fire

A collaboration: Alexander Case and Atakti

The demon child devoured by vines, savage
jungle birthed, an etched bloodline viral
through the cracked mud of her naked
curse. Creeping scarabs click past,
dragging his dynasty into mortal sin.

The moon bleeds in pools of rotting leaves,
pleas for mercy abandoned in her pores.
In mute call, low thrumming hums command
the summons trapped in her grasp, a gasp away
from terror. Parasites roam and feed on poison flesh.

Blazing hair swats the last thought, dogma cycle
born to live, die and re-live, the soul haunts, haunted.
Soaring in the eye of her fire storm, wings descend
from the screeching mist, the death owl courted
for the witch’s trinket, the Talisman of the Ruins.

His ragged reign burdened by the feral goddess
al Sada insatiable, lethal ally and untouchable doom.
The beating wings of the apocalyptic hunter
taunt his legs to flight. Flames twist in whirlwinds
beneath a burning cross. Exploding, injecting flames

in the updraft catapult the hunter into the sky.
He hears the pounding heart of the death drum
hope of rahma destroyed, in a rain of ash.
Entombed with the fallen king, the bones bared
offer the blade to slay his captor.

Unholy rains, his mind awash in wrath, rowh
spirit lost. Al Sada dives for her prey, as he unlocks
his past, the reign of an undead king, overthrowing
an eternity. Armed with ancient saif, the twist of steel slashes,
clawed talons pierce, rip flesh, furious shrieks encircle.

The king’s strike does not falter, the lost sword of the fire
lake tomb draws an infinite line across the demon’s throat.
The acid blood devours the etched blade of the titan
in a plume of rust. He refuses defeat, blood-choked, ribs
crushed persistence, but fear badgers memories of her demise.

She is struck by the tarnished blade as before —
Mafih ila 'l mot
The enemy falls at his thrust, now he is death, endless
cry of the death owl. They fall from unclenched talons
into the depths of the fire lakes.

al Sada – death owl
rahma – mercy
rowh – soul
saif – sword
Mafih ila 'l mot – There is nothing but death

Part I:
Written by Atakti
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