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Picture this!

Picture this,
You, me a bottle of wine and us lying
in front of the fire place and music in the
background playing "Don't disturb this groove"
by The System, with the crackle of the fire
singing back up.

We share some great conversation and some
kisses, glances and a touch here and there.
Things heat up a bit and there's a long deep,
wet kiss and a strong embrace.

We continue kissing each others lips and work
our way to the neck and sensitive areas of our bodies.
Your hand reaches up and is squeezing my breast
and your thumb is playing with my hard nipple.
My hands move down your body, and reach your hard cock
that is throbbing wanting to come out and be stroked
with my bare hand.

Picture this, your begin to unbutton my shirt and reach
inside to feel my skin against your hand and it makes
you want more. Still lost in a deep wet kiss we find
ourselves touching places on each others body that are
forbidden out in public.

Picture this, you have me undressed down to my panties, and
 have me leaning back on my elbows and my hair is touching and swaying across my shoulders that it tickles, and
gives me goose bumps, as
you move your lips away from mine and kiss me all over
my neck, shoulders and breast. With you biting and
sucking my nipples, turning me on even more, I want
you to be in that same state of mind in a sexual fantasy
and that anything goes.

Now we're stroking each other with just our finger tips and we've peaked other interest at this point and now we are
really skin deep in feeling those inner demons coming out
to play. You lay me down on my back and your lying on your
side next to me still playing with my breast and
you glide your finger tips over my body and into my

You begin rubbing my clit and make my pussy wet with
anticipation of your fingers slipping inside.
Meanwhile I can still feel your cock swollen and throbbing
wanting, to come out and be licked, kissed, and sucked on, by my mouth.

The long kisses and slight moans and deep breaths take over,
things are very heated now because you have striped me of my panties, and spread open my legs, your kisses moved
from my mouth and nipples, to my wet pussy and your tongue is
rubbing my clit and sucking on it that it makes me climaxxxx.

Soon afterward you come back up, and you kiss my lips,and you slide your hard throbbing cock, into my warm wet juicy
pussy and I'm stoking you from the inside with that
tight little pussy as your lost in the moment and can only hear.....
uuhhhhhh.... ooohhhhh.... oh..oh.. yeah....don't stop!!!
Fuck me harder baby, don't stop!!!!

Then there's a deep breath and this warm wet feeling all over both of us. As we lay there soaking it all in , the fire and music
still quietly going in the background. we move closer to each other, lying in each others arms and fall asleep for a
short time only to begin another groove that shouldn't be disturbed, yet again!!!

Picture That!!!!!!
Written by Toeknees19
Modified 19th March 2014
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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