"Madame Mannequin Affair" part II

don't I always oblige you? .. amazed, I improvise too
 incognito, amused .. I'm glad your wigs attach
convenient head pop, look up at me, you seem .. detached
 draw me in, alluring, enchanting me more, lured within
whatever's in vogue, as if you know, let's put on a show

 walking that walk, swishing that sway .. down the runway
work that wig, twerk that with .. jerking that jig
 now let's do it again, pretend it's your grave you dig
searching that soul, lost spirits of this world you'll hold
 mausoleums, tombstones and crypts, it's your graveyard shift

robot walk, never much to say, always changing clothes
 no butt, with your waxed waning nose .. hold that pose
frozen show you portray, statue cold, that's your mold
 chosen knows your way, you're in pandemonium anytime
throw your voice, who's the dummy's choice?.. lady mime valentine
 talk back more?.. industrial wood-chipper?.. incinerator?
we'll use the back door, double dipper impersonator

 two faces and many more, did I tell you sybyls were animators?
without a tongue you'll never become a commentator
 maybe I'll get my hammer and chisel
or straight-up start a bond fire.. you'll sizzle

 sneer all you want, I could smear your veneer
what do you take me for .. a puppeteer?
 always wearing the same smile .. I saw you move!
magical mold you pretend from haunted hue
 like a mask, dotted eyes, grinning surreal, spotted lies reveal

cast spells hold when, you taunt like a blow-up lady doll
 undercover wild, how you pretend to have style
you're so hosed, I know you've posed .. fully exposed
 lustful Sarah, dare her, scare her, she'll hiss and sag
she doesn't wear any underwear, nor expensive price tags
 just a warning label .. "do not puncture, made in china"

such a nut-cracker, a trade-in and wind-up .. kind'a
  the fact that I know you cheat, you're so weak
you and your Trojan friend .. with the horse, you freak!
 jaded, I slip and slide with blow-up Barbie .. surprise!
with her instead, I kick your plastic sister out of my bed
 menage a troi, plastique and vinyl, my final faux pas
you're so suave, my figurine, so serene, danse de macabre

 now she'll know how I feel, poor shadow person the liar
I trust your aversion to fire, lust my perversion of desire
 your store window prison .. worse than, 'what to wear?' ..decisions
you with your stares, air of indifference, who cares? .. malevolence
 you squat down ..twat-pop a Barbie .. and pretend it's not Kens'!
lurid laughs, foreskin grafts and splinters in my shaft

 plastic-elastic, masked with plastic, your flat ass wrapped in fiberglass
some motion please, show some knees, master that plaster cast
 deceptive motif, our affair shows grief, wary of relief
double-time with the blister sisters, like having sex with a twister
 from emotional needs, tainted tease, twisted squeeze
coquettish met crazed, perverse fetish phase

violent stills, love me curses compete with sirens' shift
 silent hills of zombie nurses meets the woodsman's gift
lumber-jack whacks splinters of the withered witch
 slumber eternal within deep the demon's ditch
move again now, puppet without strings, show me how

 flick that switch, shimmy-shake and vibrate
quit that bitch, let me break my own make
 electric deluxe model, grown-up toys ..(specializing in wooden duck decoys)
mannequin, my mannequin .. love me again, lust pretend
infused with light, imbued of life.. this our end
 Madame Mannequin, mad again, I'll pray then
I'm losing the fight, my control .. slowly bends
 reeling, I get the feeling .. you don't have any
store window your world, my poor shadow entity

Written by jakehammer
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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